To The Guy in Petawawa w/ The Ticats Car...

This is a message to the guy in Petawawa with the Tiger-Cats painted-up car...

I've seen your car a few times on the way to work. I love it! If you come on the forums send me a message. We gotta watch a game together!

Oskie Wee Wee
Oskie Wa Wa
Holy Petawawa
Tigers... Eat 'em raw!

Now that you mention "Ticat Cars", if anyone remembers Pat Schlegal's (Cats Claws) yellow Pontiac Grand - Am Tiger-Cat Car that was covered top to bottom with Tiger-Cat autographs and wondered where it went, look no further than this Google Earth satellite !

[url=] ... atscar.jpg[/url] :wink: :twisted: :lol: :rockin: