To the diehard Ticat fans

IF this is the beginning of the turning point for the Cats, then congratulations on sticking with them through the toughest of times. Again though, I said IF, as it’s only 1 win…even if it’s a big one like it was.

Thanks TOFAN, but I am hoping the Boatmen have a very bad day when they visit the Hammer from now on.

Labor Day......yes. Otherwise, who knows:)

This win was big for 2 reasons:

  1. We won on the road
  2. We beat the Argos

As you pointed out, it's still early but we, as Cats fans, have to believe that the Cats will make the playoffs.


There has always been a good core which are loyal regardless of the on field product. They are the people that made up the 12-15,000 crowds in the 1-17, 2-16 and 3-15 years.

If the Cats marketing team was able to fill the seats with a bad product a couple years back then they can figure it out again with what looks like a MUCH improved team.