To the Mods out there......

Im not sure if you can answer my question, but before this new site came up we were promised that this site will be the FIRST place for Canadian football news. However, there have been so many signings and updates that didnt even come up on this site…what gives???

Is this a work in progress or this is what should we except from

I agree, there has been missed stories on releases for sure, and signings, updates. It would be nice to see all updates on this site. Not all the individual football sites list transactions, and so the info on the teams and players is very incomplete and limited. There used to be much more info available.

Not to mention, we still learn a lot of info regarding the CFL elsewhere before it gets published here. Pretty much all the time, we can even post these news in the huddle and talk about it before they are announced on’s front page.

As well, I miss the days when we could click on titles in the section “In the media” and get the article. It really don’t say much when all you got is the title, especially when it’s something like “Smith says it’s over”.

Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, articles from newspapers etc. across the country cannot be posted under In the Media.

Transactions will be posted on a daily basis once the season starts - usually around 4 PM if there are any to post.

Just as the speed issue has been resolved, others will continue to improve on an ongoing basis. Thank you to all the forum users and visitors to the site for their patience. Keep up the constructive criticism as well as highlight anything you like (so the powers that be are sure to keep it!). CFLers read the postings daily.

Hmmmm… That’s weird. I thought the copyrights law allowed you to reproduce someone else’s work if it complied with three conditions:

1- You give the credit to the original source
2- You don’t reproduce more than 10% of the overall product
3- You don’t make money with the reproduction of the print.


1- the CFL always gave the name of the media and the reporter who made the stories
2- the CFL reproduced only one article per paper (which can hardly represent over 10% of the daily issue)
3- the CFL website is free to use

… I believe you’d legally have the right to post the articles like you did in the past.

Kahluaz, has anything changed in the law that clearly forbid you to feed us such precious info (as we clearly can’t access info published in local media other than that of those in our market)?

Things have changed since many newspapers websites are now subscription-based. The logic is that if someone else posts the articles for free, then people won’t buy the newspaper or pay for the online subscription to read it.

In terms of reproduction, if you post 30 words or less, it is okay. Previously, we posted links the articles but with the majority of articles needing a subscription to view, we received numerous complaints from visitors about not being able to read the articles. In the end, we had to evaluate the time and effort put into that section for the results it was producing as well as the reaction from visitors.

By posting articles, we are in essence republishing the stories that, for many media outlets, are available via subscription-only. As the internet and these rules have changed, we’ve had to adhere to the new policies of the newspapers.

Thank you for the explanation. In that context, I have to agree with the way you handled the situation. Too bad everything is about dollars nowadays.

…you got J. Jonah Jameson to blame for that!!!

The single best place for instant, up to the minute CFL news is And I’m not playing favourites. It’s the first place I go for CFL news. I have a Riders’ buddy who told me how impressed with how fast they get stories posted.