No need to hang your heads, great year. No matter who went there it was going to be tough. Hope Dyk didn't tear anything but it didn't look good. Can't wait for next year thanks for a great year, your young and exciting looking forward to the new stadium. Oskee Wee Wee baby..

I agree with you Catskin, the guys had a good yr, and played some good ball in the playoffs. This game I guess wasnt meant to be. They have a very good foundation for next yr. Hopefully we can protect alot of these guys in the draft coming up. We will be back better and stronger next yr. :rockin:

I was disappointed in the game overall, would have liked it to be closer, but the Cats were too inexperienced and young to compete with the multitude of veterans on the green team. I will be looking forward to next season...IN SEVEN MONTHS!!...

Thanks cats for the interesting season, you made me cheer and jeer game to game but you are still the best! :thup: :rockin:

Keep your heads up high guys, you made it to the show despite everyone saying that the team wouldn't go anywhere this year. You beat the Als, you beat the Argos, you won the east, and while you might not have come away with Lord Grey's chalice, you will learn and become better players from this experience.


Im glad we are no longer in the basement. Austin built this team for a dynasty, this year was gravy. Both loved and hated it.

When do they get back to Hamilton? Is there a celebration planned?

Thank you Ticats for a great year. The new THF will be outstanding and just build on the city's rejuvenation of the Ticats. Bright future ahead for sure !!!

Thx for a great year , something to build on , I want stability for 2014 same coaching staff and same core of young players , through free agency, scouting and experience next year this team is headed in the right direction :thup: Kudos to Austin for what he has done so far in just ONE year!

I am so proud of this team from top to bottom. Obviously I would have preferred a win, but these guys have given me something to smile about this year and hope for the future. I have seen that they never give up and really want to win and I have so much respect and appreciation for every one of them.

The only thing that is disappointing about the game was the score. I hoped that we could have made the game a little more interesting. Other than that, we can only be happy about our season this year, we battled through tons of challenges and wound up in the championship game, who would have believed at the beginning of the season, that our TiCats would be in the big game at the end of the year? The 2013 season is only just finished and I'm already psyched about next year! Way to go guys! I, for one, am very proud of you and I hope you all have a great off season! See you next Canada Day! :rockin:

Congratulations to the Ticats on an outstanding season in 2013.

The players, coaches, management and owner all deserve our thanks for their efforts, the progress made as an organization, and the foundation laid for future success.

It would have been great to win the Grey Cup. We weren't quite ready for that yet. But that shouldn't diminish what has been accomplished this season. I don't think anyone was really expecting us to win it when this year started. Getting as far as we did was more than enough to give me confidence that we are on a very good track for Ticat football for years to come. I'm really looking forward to 2014.

Have a good winter, everyone.