To the Caretaker... a question.

Dear Mr Young:

I posted this on an expansion thread in the CFL Talk section of the Forum... and I got to thinking.. there is at least one actual CFL team owner that reads the threads and makes comments, even replies to some of what is posted. I was wondering if you would care to share your thoughts about this post and about specifically owning a CFL Franchise... what its like for you and do you actually find it to be fun and enjoyable? Or is it all business, all about the money and just a grind? I find that last sentiment almost impossible to believe, but I guess you never know. Below is the post in question. Any reply will be Greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for any valuable time and effort you may care to spend on this.

Sincerely, Rob "Calif_Eagle"

"If I were the Commissioner, and I could get some budget from the other owners for this; I'd hire an investment bank to try to find interested parties in markets I either wanted, or had an interest in, or just thought could-would support CFL Football. You never know who might be out there that might be interested. I think owning a CFL team would just be a flat out FUN thing to do. If I were rich enough (Sadly, I'm not Mr. Cohon.. dont bother to call : ( I might be willing to even operate such a team at a loss, if the loss was reasonably small enough. I'm not talking about committing business or personal financial suicide here, obviously no one is going to do that.

I think there has to be some city (or whole province in the East, ala' the Saskatchewan setup) in Canada that doesnt currently have CFL football but would-could learn to love it and support it enough to sustain it. I just cant imagine that there isnt any rich person out there at all that doesnt find the prospect of playing "Jerry Jones" on a small scale a fun and exciting challenge. The thrill of building up and experiencing a championship team and season and all the excitement that goes with it.... It's like Marv Levy of the Buffalo Bills was famously quoted as excitedly saying by NFL Flims... right before an AFC Title Game or a Super Bowl... talking to LB Darryl Talley.... "Darrell! Darrell! Where else would you rather be, Darrell? Than right here... right now?? !!"

Life is about a lot more than money and we all only go around once. Too bad some of those business folks in the Maritimes, or elsewhere for that matter, dont seem to feel that way."