To the boycotters

With the QB situation its abundantly clear to me that the team isn't trying to get better. JMHO

well argoconvert that's your opinion.i wouldn't say abundantly clear they aren't trying to get better, sorry i don't buy that.

And thus the agony is allowed to continue

I think you need to take the H out of this acronym.

so just for the record what if maas happens to come out and has a big game? where do you sit? is it still a game to game deal?.
were i actually agree with you in a lot aspects is i expect maas to play well/better for the rest of the season not just friday if is to be our starter.

You have a problem with Honest?

It you mean honest, fine. Typically it stands for humble.

If Maas comes out and proves that he can throw more than 15 yards and mangages to stay out of the headlights I'll play it game by game. Even if we win and he fails at those 2 points, I'm still for moving on before immediately.

I know that but you are sooooooooo easy

i know if maas stinks it up and we lose i will be come on here and admit i was wrong because i don't have an underlying reason why i want maas to start. if i'm wrong fine i'd rather be wrong and win that be right and lose games.

What if he stinks and we win?

maas has got to show me improvement no matter what each and every game and that goes along with the offence as a whole. as i said before i'm not into the quick fix idea. if we luck out and win and maas plays poorly and makes some timely mistakes,int's etc, then i say that is not what i want long term for this team.
i was actually calling for maas to start in training camp, but now i'm willing to see maas he implodes or succeeds,
again the red zone issue is big with me, and i'll be watching close why they are not scoring. the o/c may have to hold some resonsibility for that too.
i did feel it was inappropriate the hang the blame on maas gm 1 and 2 because there was nothing executed on offence to fairly judge maas or chang's true abilities.

I don't think Maas cannot avoid blame for games 1 and 2. No matter what the rest of the team did, Maas was terrible and the main reason most balls were not caught. He missed the recievers even when they were open

from what i saw especially the argo game the oline blocked for maybe 1-2 seconds and there was a numerous amount of blown routes, procedure calls and dropped balls. saying that i've always said it's a team sport and maas too has to take the brunt too, just not all of it.

Maas IS the reason for the bad line play IMO although the OC has to take a lot of blame as well. Simply put, Maas and company did zero to avoid the rush until game 4. I think the Oline improved but not to the extent it appeared. Maas made a huge difference in that he actually TRIED to get positive yards

i disagree the line was totally outta sync there were at least 8 missed assignments, no qb could have withstand that pressure, not even timmy chang

and you are sooooooooo full of yourself

Appaently I can't have a little fun at your expense. BTW another forum violation

I will continue to watch/attend the games, knowing something is wrong and knowing we have good people in place that are trying to fix the problems and are making "changes" on their own. This team has a bright future as we have alot of good young talent on both sides of the ball.

Given the current state of the franchise, explain to me how boycotting a game right now will get rid of these problems?

You say it will force change. I say the organization has already made many "changes" in an attempt to get better.

You say it will force their hand. I say their hand doesn't need to be forced. Bob Young and company have already made a million moves to try and get better but I will be the first to admit that in hindsight, some of the moves were the wrong decisions.

Do you think the right decisions will automatically be made if people boycott the game?

Does this mean you think more change is neccessary and the organization is unwilling to make it?

This doesn't make any sense to me and I disagree with your "complacency" argument. If we want this team in Hamilton, we have to continue to support it regardless of what our record is on the field. If something like ticket prices got out of hand or it was evident that the organization didn't care about winning and only about the bottom line, than maybe this boycott nonsense would have some merit.

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