To the Box J "fan"

This message goes out to the gentleman sitting in the first row of Box J. The guy who, from the start of the game, was on Casey Printers. And the guy who was telling Printers to "change his number to number 2" after he got hurt. I overheard you before the game saying you only came to the game cause you couldn't give the tickets away. Well please, next time you can't give them away, do us all a favour and stay home. You're exactly the kind of fan that I hate. I mean, getting on the guy after two games? TWO FREAKING GAMES?! You gotta be kidding me. So please, stay home, don't renew next year, and let a real fan take over your seats. Thanks in advance.

I cant believe someone would get on Printers. In Hamilton, we need to get away from this fickle image of fans not supporting their qbs.

Printers is only in his 2nd week with the Ticats. He has to learn the offense and become familiar with the cfl game again.

Printers is the real deal, you better believe it!!! And I for one, will support Printers for better or worse. It`s about time all of us ticat fans just got off the quarterback issue.

We just signed the best quarterback in the Cfl, and people are still on the guy!!!

Please, enough already!!!!

Wow, thats too bad. I'll always defend getting on a players case after they make a string of bad plays in a series of games. But getting on a players case when he's been here for 2 weeks, and we've paid almost half a million for him? I agree, if this fan is reading, please give up your tickets so a real fan can get hem.

Well said and I couldn't agree more about fans like that. Harassment is literally one of the lowest things one person can do to another.

Nobody's on Printers. Just a clown like this guy. He is a nobody. If he felt so stongly about it why was he there??????????
Printers was a real spark tonight with some great plays it just got overshadowed with his injury and Williams playing well,

Absolute agree,

Why would a ticat fan heckle their star player in his 2nd week!! Unbelievable

As long as I’ve been going to Cats games, there have been a small group, mostly found in the front of Box J (although their actual tickets may be elsewhere), who harass and heckle the players. It doesn’t matter how the team is doing. They seem to go to the games purely for the sake of being able to abuse someone ‘famous’ who can’t fight back. If a player pays any attention to them, they feel they’ve won some kind of victory. It is possible to describe these ***** in many ways, some even printable. I tend to think of them as small yappy dogs, playing at being vicious by taunting a much bigger dog that is tied up and can’t reach them.

8) There is always that small segment of insecure, jealous, moronic people in every phase of life !!! Many of them are drawn to professional athletes at sporting events, where they figure they can safely taunt that certain player, without putting themselves in any danger of retribution !! It all boils down to insecure losers who are jealous of the athletes star quality and mainly because of the amount of money that athlete is making !!!!!

Bingo :thup: In fact all the posts above are RIGHT ON!

They're attention ho's and no matter what the score or game situation they'll yell and harrass whatever man stands out the most.

After a few years in the front row (or very near it) you tend not to hear them anymore and I honestly believe that's the best way too deal with them, to ignore them.

I didn't hear this particular guy but have heard enough of them to know it's all the sam thing...."squawk squawk squawk, look at me I'm an attention ho."

C'mon Box J guys. No one has ever questioned your spirit and support for the home team. Get after this guy. Shut him up or move him out.

I sit in box j and I never said a thing about printers!Because one cow has mad cow dont judge the whole farm buddy!

That is just the beauty of IWS: the closeness of the fans to the action. It's what makes IWS a great stadium. The players dont mind: they joke about the fans breathing down their necks all the time.

Noble sentiment, bad analogy. LMAO

One mad cow in the pasture = EVERY BOVINE TO THE PACKERS... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

It's too bad the team can't filter these idiots out, but then they'd cry about their right to free speech. I'd prefer to see them exercise their right to intelligent speech, but that would be asking too much.

It keeps the guys on their toes. LOL

If you're into the game, that kind of stuff shouldn't bother a pro. The best way to shut up a yahoo (if he can be shut up, mind you) is to play hard, give 100% effort, and find success out on the field.

Oski Wee Wee,

Most of the exchanges between players and fans are good natured and half the time initiated by the players themselves, (between plays) but you do get the odd knob that feels he has to go past the point of fun and start taking personal shots at the guys.
The infamous Maas bird flip was fully justified IMO, making cracks about a mans family doesn't fly no matter where it's taking place.

For the sake of clarity on the earlier post stating we don't all have mad cow disease......sure we do, we just keep it under control with meds. :wink:

Hmm, I Guess this thread is reffering to me, I pay $600 a year for season tickets, I got a right to voice my opinion, so what do you want to me say Printers played a good game?Then I'd REALLY look like a prick, Man, I thought Hamilton was a tough town, you guys are really touchy up here.


wow I though all fans in the stands where like that