to take a cue from jim mora

Expansion? Don't talk about -- Expansion?! You kidding me?! expansion?! I just hope we can keep the 8 teams we have!

what will happen to the ticats if they dont solve their stadium woes?

Same with winnipeg?

What if BC place roof fails?

What if Montreal spends a few yrs out of the playoffs?

How long can the argos keep hanging on by a thread?

Will we ever see a season where all 8 teams make fair profit?

The point of this is not to be pessimistic about the leagues fututer but to be pessimistic about the constant talks of expansion by people who actually believe it could happen tomorrow, if not today.

why do you even need to bring it up?

why do we need to bring anything up?

there is a crisis in Hamilton, its relevant.
People are always discussing expansion, its relevant.

What if the end happens in 2012?
What if hell freezes over?
What if the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Sta...haha never mind

ya but it’s the city of Hamilton that are the evil ones here.

they could try to help the Ti-Cats by cooperating with them and build a new stadium but they wanna be idiots and force Young into likely moving the team to Burlington and screwing the City of Hamilton out of a Football team.

all because City Council can’t get past their selfish pathetic problems.

I agree with you mostly. The one thing the council members are doing right though, is listening to their constituents. In the end, Its the taxpaying people of Hamilton who are not big fans of the ticats that are the problem. Yet, I supposed that is their right. If the issue was here, and the issue was building a new large grand theatre with my tax dollars, I would totally oppose it.

To me as an outsider watching the drama of this whole matter for Hamilton that accounts for maybe half the posts on this blog, it is sounding more like the legacy of Dennis Green than of Jim Mora:

Hamilton Reporter: "City Council, how do you feel about now the higher prospects of the Ti-Cats moving to Burlington instead?"

City Councilman: "They are who we thought they were!"

Hamilton Reporter: "They are who you thought they were?"

City Councilman: "Yeah, you wanna crown their a*ses, CROWN 'EM! THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! AND WE LET 'EM OFF THE HOOK!"

Hamilton Reporter: :?