To stat or not to stat (stupid site software)

here is the question.

the present nhl games being played are not officially playoff games.

so, where do the player stats go?

Reg or Playoff.

I think it should not be Reg because it is unfair to players whose teams are not playing now.

I think it should not be Playoffs because then they have the possibility of playing more games than any playoffs before, creating inequality for highest single season playoff stats.

what to do, oh what to do

Count for playoff stats only after the qualifying and round-robin seeding rounds in progress now.

FYB, also the software seems to be misbehaving again and told me to report to you:

It's only Monday though, so please afford some leniency.

Qualifying rounds have always counted as playoffs in the past. Bettman pronounced the regular season over sometime in April or May. These should count as postseason stats.

Just watched a goal and the commentators called it "his first Stanley Cup Playoff goal"

Might be an asterisk if someone gets to 20 goals in the playoffs though (I don't think anyone is beating Gretzky's 47 points)

Boo and bah humbug for such charity - just give them a Qualifier Stanley Cup Participation Trophy then too