To simplify complaints...

Here is a list of complaints. Please use the corresponding number(s) for those of you who wish to whine and moan.

  1. Fire Lancaster
  2. Hire back Marshall
  3. Play Cavil
  4. Play Morreale.
  5. Fire Paopao.
  6. Fire Bob.
  7. The refs stunk
  8. Fire the O-line.
  9. Play Ranek
  10. Trade Ranek
  11. Play Holmes more.
  12. Fire Coach Reed.
  13. Fire Coach K.
  14. I hate the white pants.
  15. The trip was too long.
  16. The play-by-play crew was too biased.
  17. The D-line is terrible.
  18. Too many penalties.
  19. Bench Maas.
  20. Start Eakin.
  21. My girlfriend’s sister’s husband’s manicurist’s boyfriend’s cousin told him/him/her/him/her/her that Charlie Taffe will be coaching next week.
  22. I couldn't bring in a bottle of water (guilty of that one myself).

Please feel free to add more if necessary.

Haha…good one sigpig.

I’ll take a number 5 and most definitely a 22.

Hmmm lets see-3,4,5 and 13 ,thank you

13 here and to add a few

  1. play Iain Fleming
  2. Bob young is too nice
  3. Boreham blows
  4. Music is bad
  5. fire Jason Farr
  6. beer costs too much
  7. people stand up at the game
  8. fire Erdman

All this and more has been posted! what a supportive bunch we have! However, please fire coach K hes not worth anything. And that hat of his has got to go. haha

I have only one complaint:

Threads like this one where posters can't see ANY of the positives.

This team is coming along and will likely make winning a habit by late this season or early next season.

Hang in!

Feel free to post the positives in a manner like mine. I, for one, saw many more positives than negatives in this game. I certainly do not have anything to complain about, as we lost to a very good football team 41-38. It's something we can seriously build upon.

I think this thread was meant to be pretty fun and not a serious complaining thread at all. At least I took it that way...

The only one on that list I'd use is #11 :slight_smile: Not so much as a complaint.. just the guy is fun as heck to watch and I want to see him play more because of that! :slight_smile:


Bob Young- Saving this team,
Kavis Reed- Turning the Defence around!
Rob Hitchcock- For playing his heart out for 12 years!
Terry Vaughn- For playing great!




11 14 16 18
31. New punter
side note 7 - they always do, but it is limited to only 8 teams.
and yes thank you Rob Hitchcock for leaving it on the field for 12 years.

nothing but 7's


I love how we built on a 41-38 loss with a 29-0 loss. Wait a minute...

Give me a 5 and a modified 22. If I can't get the drink I want at the stadium, why can't I bring it in? If I want it and can't get it, I'm not going to buy something else, I'll just be ticked off that I had something I've paid for thrown away for no reason. Gets me in a good mood to watch my team get slaughtered...

3, 4 and 8 for me SigPig!

Great Thread!

Are we embarrassed and PO'd enough from tonight's lamentable performance to go into Wpg next week and really give some payback (no, not expecting a win, just can we administer some "pain"?)

What ever way you look at it it all comes down to heart!Theres little heart on this team and unfairly as it is to put a guy with heart on a team full of guys who just dont care Lancasters continues to beleave he is right by destroying what heart we had left!damage is done now Ron please move on!

  1. Cut Pat Flemming