To Set a CFL Record, should Rourke throw two more passes?

Here's the scenario:

BC Lions QB phenom Nathan Rourke has thrown 248 completions out of 313 attempts so far this season for a Pass Completion Percentage of 79.23% which would be an all-time CFL record if he'd thrown at least 250 completions... which is ONLY two more than he's already completed.

Highest Pass Completion Percentage, one season (minimum 250 attempts)

It might be painful, but Nathan Rourke will likely be cleared to play (especially with painkillers) in time to appear in the last game of THIS season if he wants to give it a try. My question is... should he?

  • No. It's not worth the risk.
  • If he feels up to it... Yes. Go for it.
  • Let it be a game time decision made by all concerned.

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If he gets a bonus for it, I'm all for it!
He only makes $65K/season


That makes Rourke a bargain and a half. I'll bet he gets a raise next year. Would setting a league record in his first year look good on his resume?

If he is cleared for the playoffs, then it makes sense to give him snaps in their last game.


VAJ will have earned over $22K just for starting this week!


It's not necessary to throw any more passes as Rourke has already qualified for the record. The reasoning for this is in the OP.


Well that's good to hear... but I was kinda hoping we'd see some drama in the last week of the CFL over this record thing. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The B.C. Lions are optimistic that star quarterback Nathan Rourke will return from injury when expected, if not sooner, Lions co-general manager Neil McEvoy told CHEK’s Don Taylor and Rick Dhaliwal on Tuesday.

“Nathan, this weekend, was throwing,” McEvoy told Taylor and Dhaliwal on Donnie and Dhali. “It’s to the point now we might have to reign him back a little bit just because you don’t want him to get hurt or re-injured.

From talking to Nathan, he believes he is going to be on-time, if not better.”

He is expected to return to the lineup late in the regular season.


You would risk rushing him back to possibly further injury just to chase a record???

Not to mention the obvious fact that no matter how great he is destined to be there has to be some rust so the current percent could drop quickly


This just in... He's coming back:

Getting a little ahead of yourself Maaax, but ''holding out hope'' is reason to be optimistic. Personally, I think he shouldn't come back if there's the least chance of a setback. As a side note it's now a virtual lock for Rourke to win the CFL Top Performers honour. Not too shabby for half a season.


He was amazing all right PorkyPine. No wonder BC fans are getting excited now. :smiley:

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And now he's throwing passes AND included in the weekly injury reports!