To Ron Lancaster...


You did what I feel was one of the funniest things I have ever seen last night after that bonehead call on the field.

You challenged the play (threw the flag quite nicely might I add) and waited for the challenge patiently. Once the referee decided there was no evidence to overturn the call (WHAT?) all 24k of us were enraged... however you managed to do one better... what did you do?

YOU THREW THE CHALLENGE FLAG AGAIN!!!!! LOL!!! :rockin: :thup: :rockin:

That was perhaps the best football move I have ever seen, "I Challenge" (Cant overturn) "What?? I Challenge again then!!!!!"

Ron, you are one of the best and im going to miss you on those sidelines, its for reasons like this that so many of us look up to you... you manage to keep a smile (Even if its that little sarcastic smirk) when you know the officials have flat out blew it.

Ron, you're incredible!


Your Fans

We got such a kick out of that. That was just classic. Thanks for the memories Ron. I'll miss you too. You've done a lot for this team.

too bad that bad call didn't get our Tiger-Cats as fired up as their coach

That truly was a beautiful moment. Quite possibly the best moment of the game!!

For me it was… Lancaster always seems to give us something to smile about.

I thought that was great as well. To me it looked like the Little General was saying, you overturn my challenge, well then I am going to challenge the dumasses that can't make a correct call.

And the look on his face was priceless.

In fact almost every time he throws that flag he puts his hands in his pockets and turns his back on the flag. It's almost like he is embarrassed to use it.

Classy guy.

That second challenge was pretty funny.

When Ron is arguing with the officials, I often wonder if they realize that they are mere fleas on the posterior of our great league in comparison to the Legend that they are arguing with. Because there is no one else still standing on any sideline in the league who has meant so much to the game for so long. (If Pinball is still coaching in 20 years he would be approaching the same status. None of the other current coaches could get their in a normal human lifetime.)

It's kind of like a high school history teacher arguing about the meaning of the US civil war - with Abraham Lincoln!

Greay post

Well Said!

Thank you for taking over thew team as interm HC this year. You did a great job. I hope to hear what you are doing with the Ticats next year soon. I think the organization should have a position for you and I hope you stay with us.