To: Renegades fans. From: Hamilton fans. Tailgate party !!!

To all Renegades Fans making the journey to the Hammer:

Welcome to Tigertown, as you arrive you in Hamilton you will see our TiCat banners proudly displayed on our lamp posts.

Join us between 2pm and 3pm before the game in Lot J, several people will be tailgating with BBQ's, coolers and lawn chairs. Please remember it is BYO-Everything and also consume "beverages" in a plastic cup. This is to avoid any undue attention from our local police services and leave the area as clean as you found it.

I'll be with the Box J Boys, come on by, say hello and talk football. I think I'm going to have venision burgers on the BBQ for this game.

There's also a tailgate party close to the stadium with a cash bar at the corners of Balsam St.and Beechwood Ave. if you forgot your cooler!

Or set up your own tailgate party in Lot J and enjoy the fun.

Enjoy Ivor Wynne and the game, I know it's going to be a good one!

We may cheer different teams but we are both CFL fans!

See ya there!

JareCanada, damn, that is some hospitality, though part of me wonders if this is a clever trap :wink:

How are you feeling in Hamilton this year? I know I’m surprised about Hamilton’s slow start. Like a lot of people, I thought Hamilton really turned a corner last year with a solid record and good people in key positions.

Do you think its just a slow start, or was it just a tough schedule and some bad bounces? Obviously you’ve had some very narrow losses against very good teams. So maybe its not that bad?

We feel bad for you, since we have a legacy of losing, here in Ottawa. Though it would be nice if we could beat you out for a playoff spot this year. Heck, with Montreal in the tank, maybe we can even host one?

It's really frustrating on so many levels, D-mac won't give up and while that's admirable, I (and this is only my opinion) think he should retire and become QB coach. While Brady needs to get arm strength he demonstrated in Edmonton last week he can lead the team.

For a while you could see from the stands the team was off, I hope they've found their rythem again. I'l like to see a 500 season at least, I'm optimistic they will do better.

I was in Ottawa for the Canada Day game and had a blast, the beads promotion gets the blood going for some of the young lads doesn't it. The atmosphere as intense and it was a great game, you came back and won it in overtime. I'm thinking your Gades are going to make a good showing this year. I just hope the fans come out and support your team, how's attendance going?

Regarding the hospitality at this Saturday's game.. It is what it is, CFL fans from one city offering a liltte tailgating fun before we go into the game and scream at each No traps, no hidden agenda, I go to Ottawa every Canada Day, and the I love the city. I thought the least we could do is host some of you while you are down.

If you are coming down, stop by the tailgate and say hi.

Hope to see you there.