To Reginald, with best regards...

B.C. Lions' bad boy sure can be quite a card

By Lowell Ullrich,
Vancouver Province

Rob Murphy is like any other player in an intimidating game who is intent on sending a message at every opportunity.

He is, however, getting pretty good at sending messages in more conventional ways. Like overnight courier.

Yes, the so-called dirtiest player in the CFL is at it again, injecting some levity into the first-place showdown between the Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders even before the teams begin their practice week.

Among the opposing players the giant B.C. offensive lineman says he gets along with is Riders linebacker Reggie Hunt. His brother Aaron Hunt plays for the Lions and, with a playful side that is every bit equal to that of Murphy, knows what gets under the skin of his sibling.

"He hates being called Reginald," the Lions defensive tackle says.

That's all Murphy needed. When the Saskatchewan Hunt arrived back from the Riders game in Calgary on the weekend, a courier package from Murphy was waiting in his locker at Regina's Mosaic Stadium.

It was addressed to "Reginald Hunt."

Inside was a picture of Murphy, who'd posed during a recent game as if a modern-day Auguste Rodin had been commissioned to replicate The Thinker, the sculpture depicting a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle.

Alongside the picture of Murphy, one hand on his chin, were a few words. They included: "Thinking of You".

"I noticed some photographer was taking pictures of me close up. So I had one done as The Thinker. I totally forgot about it until it showed up in our locker room. It looked funny, so I ordered it, and thought I should send this to him," Murphy says with a grin.

It was not, however, Murphy's first good-natured jab.

"The last time we played [Saskatchewan] Aaron gave me his cellphone and I left [his brother] a message with a sexy voice. He's such a good guy. It's been going back and forth."

It will undoubtedly go back and forth across the line of scrimmage when the clubs meet Saturday to temporarily decide top spot and likely the winner in the all-important season series, each having recorded road victories.

The Riders had the most recent laugh on the Lions. The B.C. game plan in a 21-9 home loss to Aug. 2 never gave Murphy's linemates a chance to attack along the ground. Joe Smith had only nine carries and the Lions were roundly criticized for their offensive outlook.

But the Riders gave up 228 yards rushing last week against Calgary and have lost two straight.

It might be safe to assume the Lions may take a different approach this time, although if they do coach Wally Buono is doing his own kind of impersonation of Rodin, the French sculptor.

"I'm not going to sit here and say we don't believe we can run the football," Buono says. "We felt better maybe to skirt around the issue instead of dealing with the issue [in the last meeting]. As you've seen we've managed ourselves better since that point."

Murphy, of course, hasn't changed one bit, having some boyish fun in a grown man's game even if it unintentionally draws attention to himself.

Which team sends a message will be determined Saturday. And a courier will not be necessary.

Brotherly Love! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats actually funny. Im pumped about the game. Im hoping it should be a good one...

I was just watching the local CTV news here in Regina and I heard an interesting story you all would enjoy.

BC Lion Rob Murphy mailed Roughrider linebacker Reggie Hunt a package.

So goes the story: The package was mailed to Reggie Hunt's home and addressed to "Reginald" Hunt. They go on to say how much Reggie Hunt hates being called Reginald. Inside the package was a picture of Murphy flexing with a note that said "Thinking of You".

Reggie Hunt said he laughed and that of the field "we are all pretty good buddies". He said he looks forward to seeing Murphy at the game. He also said they enjoy ribbing eachother.

Reggie was smiling and enjoying himself during the interview so it's not like there is negative tension.

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Oh. I totally cannot find that topic aside from the link you gave me.

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Nice to see two opposing players have a sense of humour. Rob Murphy's such a clown!

...that is funny, good way to get inside a guys head....

It's nice how Reggie's being a good sport about it.