To RedandWhite

It seems to me that you will enjoy cheering for Calgary Roughriders this year. The only way this team can win is to steal players from the Riders. I know Burris was orginally a Stampeder, but he had no playing time the 1st time around, and he became a legit CFLer with the Riders. Now you have a few Rider castoffs, who are good players. If the Stamps do win the Grey Cup, remember to bring the trophy to Regina, and the team that helped you win that trophy.

I’m curious!
When you say steal players do you mean the Stamps management put on ski-masks, sneak into the rider dressing room and dragged them away kicking and screaming or did they just make them a better offer after their contracts expired?

Or, sambo, maybe the Riders could do some good GMing and KEEP their talented players…I don’t blame players for jumping ship from ANY team if they’re not satisfied with what they’re doing now. I don’t think Thurmon was worth the cash he was reportedly asking, but he was clearly more satisfied with what others offered compared to the Riders’ offerings…better for him there…Hell, I wouldn’t blame Holmes for heading to Calgary, either…he wants to play here long-term, and for some reason he’s not signed yet…if he finds what he wants elsewhere, great for him…would he also be considered a “castoff”?

Well, jm, maybe the Rides wont do any good GMing until they get rid of Shivers and find a GM that is colour blind........

You’re preaching to the choir, sambo…I am not a Shiv fan…

Oh Boo Hoo!

Hardly and intelligent reply.... I wonder who will be crying when the esks beat the stamps in the playoffs........again

It may well be the Esks but your riders I doubt it!It is sad you need another team to try an win your argument.

Last year when the Stamps played your team they simply pushed

this button.

Shivers must still be scouting for the Stamps , cause he has given you some of our best talent that he recruits

Whats your point are you scared!

If the best the Stamps could do at the QB position was Crandell and Greene, wouldn't you be just a wee tad nervous?

Also , over at, they are positively giddy with excitement just thinking they may get Kerry Joseph in the dispersal draft. He is a thirty three year old QB who has won SFA, and who's better days are long since behind him. Goes to show what that useless waste of skin and fresh air they have for a GM can do. What I want to know is how does this clown manage to keep his job? In the real world, a person who fails to perform on the job year after year can expect a bus ticket out of town. Not in Regina I guess. Employees there must be held to a much lower standard by their superiors. Wonder if I could get a transfer out there. :roll:

Go Esks :smiley:

.........firstly, sambo, I want to apologize for missing this thread for two whole days, here you gift wrap it all up and say it's for me personally and I totally miss it......words cannot express how embarrassed I am at not seeing your hard effort earlier.....please please accept my humble apology.....

.....secondly, HAHHHAHAAAHAHAHA......(breath in).......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahh.....(breath in).......A hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA.....hahahahah.......haha.......hehe ha........aaaaaaaa........

......hehehe, ok, heheheh.......thirdly, now that I've got that out of my system, heheheh, can you tell me how making better contract offers equates to stealing?.....really, I'm curious........'cause this could help any team out in the take it away, I'm all eyes........

HMMM some rider fans stated the Burris was a bum not worth the money and oh ya my favorite Burris Sucks :lol: Now we stole him and forced him to sign that contract with us. The same goes for Spencer and Thurmon.

We sat them down and forced them to look at Rider highlights for hours on end.

I remember the Tar and feather squads were out in full force when Burris signed with the Stamps.

That would be a blank screen, no?

Just remember to plan the parade down Albert Street in Regina if the Stamps win the Cup.