To:Red&White-- Calgary will win the re-match


You heard it here first folks.
Calgary will win next week at McMahon. Bishop is done.
Allen is mad. McMahon at McMahon now there is a story.
Seriously, I smell an upset next week. If the Stamps players cannot regroup and lay it all on the line in front of their fans next week- who will come to their games?????????? Calgary by 3 in a tight defensive battle!!!!!!! :cowboy:
Don't fret Red&White after the win Stamps will be o.k.
and competitive again!!!!!

By the way, how many Stamps fans took off their red and white football jerseys and changed into Chilean soccer jerseys mid-way through the game?????????

based on last two weeks, argos could win playing with their defense the whole game. No too worried about the QB situation.

yup no need to worry....cuz if McMahon can't get the job done in the cowtown rematch....they always have Damon..... :lol: :lol: come to think of it....they may be a better duo than what the cowboys are fielding these days......heh heh....and sorry to have to tell you red and RED....Kevin Glenn ain't looking too bad in comparison to the qbs. calling your least up till now :lol: :lol:

Is the wake on in Cowtown Red.

Yeah, I'm not too sure about that turkey. If they start Burris and he still can't do a thing against that D and if they turn the ball over 10 times again they will be toast next week. Even if the QB's in toronto can't do anything, the TO D may score the points for them.

After 4-games Stamps fans will pull the plug? Would this happen to the Flames? Give me a break. This is what is wrong with CFL fans. Bandwagon jumpers.

How many Stamps fans have even posted in this thread?

That would be a big fat 0 :lol:

Well Turkey are you meaning in me or my vacationing Redandwhite. But you may be right but this team needs to put it together they have taken a one week vactions. Funny thing the Stampede is that it seems no one wants to work that ten days.

Probably none.

Well Dad yes you have the right to brag about Glenn right now but we will see when your bombers start taking its vacation.

It seems in the last two games Burris has scored more for the opposition then for our team. But I still believe these guys will settle down and get to work.

Well thats something you do not know about Stamp fans we can win or lose but we will be red and white at the end of the day. Not like a teams fans that wear green. By the way jaumpher you have not been on much are you in fact one of these so called jumpers. Your team wins a couple of games then you show up.

Well I am one you want to make this a long winded discussion.

I see you and chief share the same brain cell. And you are good with the math not bad!

Hey RW, I think you misinterpreted my comment, but whatever.

Oh to be a fly on the Stampeder dressing room wall......

I'm just as confused as the Calgary posters are, I can't figure out two blow-outs in a row.

R&W2005, you wont beleive it, but already the late night talk show host out here has predicted Higgins will be fired and Cortez will be the new Head Coach. (I wonder where he got his info from, way out here!)

Whats to misinterpret? Good old fashioned ribbing not problem. I hand it out I expect it back. Keep going chief get it out of your system have fun wrll you can right.

At the least, I know Calgarians won't be dumping any cow dung on anyones lawn unlike some other stubble jumper town east of us!! :o