To Quote Zeke...

From the Winnipeg Free Press...

"As of now, yeah, I'm a Blue Bomber," said Moreno, a CFL all-star last season who led the league in tackles and is again leading the league this season in that category. He made the comments before heading into Bomber team meetings.

"Nothing's set in stone, I guess there's a lot of speculation going on. But I'm here today, just getting to know some of the fellas and trying to learn this game with the short week and all. I'm just trying to take it all in stride and see what happens. [u]I'm surprised and disappointed a little bit."[/u]

Doesn't sound like he wanted to leave Hamilton...

So what the h*ll happened to end up with just draft picks and future considerations???

I'm gonna hafta go for a "draught pick" right now or I'm gonna blow a fuse!!

What a dipshit move by a tired old man. Love to hear his explaination on this one. This definitley helps our 'playoff run'. What an asshole!

Sort of reminds you of 1066 AD when the Normans invaded England. Rape & Pillage. This really kills the desire to watch any more football this year. So far I've used my seasons tix to go to one game probably the only one. Why bother ???

Maybe a trip to Disneyland is in the works for the front office. The best way to describe what is happening is



I'm feeling ill.

It's not just the player we lost, it's the person too. Zeke was a great guy in the tradition of the great dedicated ti-cats who preceded him; in the days when the players actually cared about the city and the fans that they represented.

Except for a very few, these guys today play only for themselves. Can't blame them though, when they never know where (and if) they'll be playing tomorrow.

Are you kidding me. Zeke! The best linebacker on the team and in the top 3 in the league and they trade him to a team they are fighting with to get into the play-offs. I thought I was done this year after the BC game but I had new life with Taffe leaving and Marcel talking a more aggressive approach. I think I am done now! This makes zero sense! Rebuilding? He is the core of the defense and I might add, the best of the front 7. DO we actually have a front 4? Does the front office even care that the fans are dwindling? Apparently not! This is so similar to the trade of Montford to the Argos. The team is going nowhere and they are dropping salary. I won't be surprised if Jesse is next. I am sure Casey will be gone soon! More salary dump. Hey, let's get rid of....Oh wait, that pretty much is it for big names. If someone knows someone in the front office, let them know that I will be mailing back my season's tickets...

I agree with you, diehard.

This must really deflate a guy like Lumsden thinking he may be traded before the end of the season.

As vsomeone stated earlier - Moreno was done when Anthony showed up. Sad to say Moreno lost a step in the off season and Anthony will fill the void. As far as Tom Canada - probably in the hospital with a broken heart. He too has lost a step and was basically on the bubble in the Peg.

Ok it's done. Obie did the deed and it's done. I love Zeke and it hurts as much as when Ben played for the Argos. Even though Zeke has been around the block with the Chargers, it is up to Obie, to find an equal replacement!!! That dude from Calgary is not it. Find a freaking replacement for the best MLB in the leagues, or I am going to agree with the guy who called you a "tired old man." Canada is a "pantload" much like Bellie. I think the Bombers shoud be charged for trading off damaged goods BTW. Oh, and Obie, please let Danny Mac make the offensive play calls instead of that poor excuse you made head coach.

Just asking: Is a pantload the same as a DIC*K ?

No ... its the same as a POS

Keep up the faith Hamilton fans. Things are not much better in Winnipeg and may even be worse. Us Bomber fans want Asper, Taman , and Bauer gone from the scene. At least you fired your coach. We signed ours to a 2 year extension. These 3 have been a major distraction with their incompetance all year long. Watching our team is like watching a 3rd rate high school team. I am sure the situation in Hamilton is just as painful as in the peg.

WE Loves Zeke!! We Love you Zeke!!!! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

A pantload is a load of D.I.C.K.S.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Zeke got the big knife in the back and a kick out the bunker door He got f**ked plane and simple

t seems as though OB's hands were tied....Canada did not want to report to Hamilton...and then coincidently the bombers and Canada learned about a major injury to Canada???...What was Obie gonna do?...Like "Hey Zeke come on back, we really didn't want you to leave in the first place". there are obviously lines that are in between lines that need to be read....Bombers had Obie by the don't think Obie wanted a starting player with an immediate impact? Winnipeg had the upper hand to give us a "bucket of balls"....I think there is still more to unravel from this trade....Obie has to answer to the fans regarding this....Im always positive no matter what...however, i am confused....


No. You tell your Defensive Coordinator "Your D is ranked dead last, when you move up a couple rungs you can come and tell me what players I should keep or move, now get the f... out of my office before i strangle you with my tie"

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