To my good friends Piggy and Pappa

Guys be sure you remain calm this is just a bad nightmare. This may cause you to get your drinking habit back. But in all honesty Berry has lost his team. They need change quickly. The Stamps see a wounded bomber team and will be going after them. This could be another ugly game. Keep smiling guys you will get through this. How is my buddy Taman looking lately?

Fortunately, the Bombers are in the East division 05.

It's a long season, and despite the start, I'm not going to be throwing in the towel, even if they drop to 0 - 5.

Ask me again after game 9, and will tell you.

.....we're still in it my son, another loss to you guys just puts us another inch closer to the ' maybe we won't even make post-season' scenario along with the other futile gang in the know what they say about a wounded advesary....he could come out swinging and land a devastating punch...this thing is gonna turn-around sometime...It looks as though Stanford Samuels is going to get in the line-up...that'll help....starting qb. may be a surprise....we'll keep you guessing...and we'll be waiting Thurs. :thup: :wink:

~I have to say that i'm excited about Samuels coming back because in my opinion, (as I expressed vehemently in the past. . . ) Samuels left unceremoniously. This provides us with character that the Bombers desperately need, (which I also recently posted as a 'locker room type player'.) Just what the dr. ordered. The defense can use a veteran, and this speaks volumes for what the defense has been missing.

Assessing the blame is easier than addressing the poitical changes that we should see happen.

Without any linebackers I'm not sure it will matter