To much laughter on the bench.

We are getting our lunch handed to us and the camera takes a shot of the bench and everyone is smiling and seems to be joking around,what gives? There should not be that much happiness when getting beat that bad.Maybe it is time for the coaches to be evaluated. What this team needs is a mathews or a richie to put the fear of god into these guys.

I'm in agreement with you. I have often wondered about the coaching staff, even before CP got there. They seem to reserved and they don't look as if they are taking charge of this team. I don't believe in ruling with Fear, but if you let guys know, you either step up and give your all or you won't be here. This team can do better, but we need some leadership in the coaching position.

My old man was telling me about back in tha day , like 60's and early 70's - Mosca's time, when the Cats had some pretty mediocre teams.

He said they'd just send the defence out there to beat the hell out of the opposition offence. Really maximizing the effect of the roughing penalties in the first half.

He said this went a long way into intimidating the other team and, flat out, reducing their effectiveness...then they could scrape out a victory in the second half.

Seems like any team willing to work for a victory could play like this, no?

Why can't we play a rough-n'-tumble Philly Flyers style of football and see where it gets us?

If we're gonna rack up 150 yards in penalties anyway, might as well do it in a way that will take the other team off their game.

At least make our team tough to play against and worth coming down to the stadium to see. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Good point.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take Printers to start crying the blues, Hes a good qb but we will see if he is a Team first type like D Mac! and thats what this team needs,. IMO Ritchie Williams-has shown hes a team leader :thup:

uh oh better call the laughing police.
players are laughing

I was laughing in my seat.

If you don't'll cry!!!

Mine was a nervous hysterical laughter. :cry:

Bob won't be laughing when the fans stop showing up. Saturdays game was the lowest attendance since he took over and I expect it will get worse the rest of the way. No one can blame the fans they have been more than loyal and patient but I think unless this turns around fast the party over.

To many non unformed player on the bench

I'm afraid it's a little late to save the crowds. A lot of really regular fans left early on Sat. A lot of people are talking about it being a waste of time, money, and energy to show up for this debacle.

The players were laughing because the coaches told them not to worry because they had filmed all the opposing teams signals so from here on in it will be a cake walk. To which one unnamed player said, "ask us if we care?"