To: Mr. P. A. Announcer

Dear Sir;

    Mr. Young gave you a  state of tha art  machine.    We know it is good and loud but please,   don't over use it  !!!

    We don't need rock music immediately after the whistle blows.   Let us  dissertate the last play with our neighbours without having to yell, or smile politely because we can't hear a damn thing they are  saying.    The replay on Tigervision is quite

enough. We are sitting in those seats below you because of a football game , nothing else.

    When there is a break in the action :  " go for it, crank it."

    Thanking you in advance for your consideration.


I totally agree! Last year was my first CFL game and while I think the Canadian game is wide open and exciting, I hated the crap music between every play. It seemed as though the guys in the aound booth were having their own party instead of watching the game. GO Cats

Please listen to this person I would make the game much nicer rather then hving to put up with the noise on the PA :roll:

As much as complaining isn't fun, these are all very good points. The fans don't attend games to hear the PA system; it should enhance the game, not compete with it. Being able to carry on a conversation with the people around you is a great part of the game experience. I like the idea of giving a delay after the whistle before the "constant entertainment" starts up.

Am i the only one who dislikes the play by play announcer at Ivor Wynne? Jason Farr i believe is his name.

2000...Tks The constant noise last year was quite annoying! Time for music, time for contests etc. and also time for a bit of quiet to talk about the action on the field. Might come down to letting the fans make an evening out of it, instead of trying to create a false atmosphere of excitement. Try for a balance I guess.