To mix or not to mix

first up, Beer and Tomato Juice.

anybody tried it?

Anybody like it?

Not being a huge beer drinker, I used to like the flavor better with TJ back in the 70’s. However, I found that it sat heavier in my stomach and made me more prone to barfing.

I like the topics you come up with, FYB

Prefer clamato with beer (not plain tomato juice)

Also like -
rum + coke
gin + tonic
whiskey sour
(call me old-fashioned ;D)

here are some more, none of which sound appealing to me.

Thanks. Looks like we are a majority of 2 on this topic :slight_smile:

Yup, dead here. Its not like when food was discussed a few years ago, everyone shared their fav restaurants. Here’s some interesting flavours -

20 Weird Potato Chip Flavors From Around the World | Eat This Not That

being a pop addict, I just gotta try some of these