To marcel: can we bring this QB in?

I'd like to see Marcel try to
acquire former Texas Tech QB
B.J. Symons. Does anyone know if
he is on a neg list of any CFL team?

I would also like to see, 2 import
solid O-Lineman, this would be a great
help. We got a ratio breaker with Jesse
at RB, and our kicker is so we could
afford import o-line man.

Hmmmm , Im wondering, if he is sooooo good why hasnt he been signed ????

Well, if he was signed we couldn't exactly acquire him now could we?

NO! reason why? just look at his negatives, throws into coverage, resulting in costly turnovers...and he has a knee injury to his ACL which needs further medical evaluation...NO MORE HOSPITAL PATIENTS PLAYING FOOTBALL FOR US!!!

ACL injuries happen all the time... nothing to get overly emotional about... unless its your ACL of course....

If one looks at quarterback candidates from outside the CFL, it seems that the Edmonton Eskimos are already courting one of the best prospects, Stefan LeFors.

Here are two other quarterbacks worth a good look:

Lang Campbell
6-1, 212 lbs, birthdate Sep 5/81
Career college stats at William and Mary (Division 1AA)from 2001-2004:
495 completions/763 attempts, 64.9% avg., 6,494 yards, 54 TDs, 12 interceptions
Signed as undrafted free agent by Cleveland Browns Apr 29/05 and released Aug 28/05
Re-signed by Cleveland Jan 6/06 and allocated to NFL Europe
Stats while playing for Berlin Thunder (NFL Europe):
116 completions/204 attempts, 56.8% avg., 10 TDs, 4 interceptions
Released by Cleveland on Aug 28/06

Erik Meyer
6-1, 210 lbs, birthdate Dec 28/82
Career college stats at Eastern Washington (Division 1AA)from 2002-2005:
721 completions/1097 attempts, 65.7% avg., 10,261 yards, 84 TDs, 17 interceptions
Signed as undrafted free agent by Cincinnati Bengals in May/06 and released Aug 28/06

That link is from his draft year which was 2 years ago. (I know it say 2006 at the top but he was drafted by Houston in 2004). I don't think the ACL injury is still a factor.