To Lions Marketing: don't drop the ball

Congrats to the team on a great season... now its marketing's turn to take over. They've got to use the momentum of the Grey Cup to start selling tickets and promoting the team. Hockey is taking over again and it will take a while to rebuild momentum for the Lions heading into next summer. IMO they should be using this time to sell as many season tickets and flex passes as they can.

On a similar note, I think there is a huge potential for Christmas gift sales which the team does not ever seem to take advantage of. I think they should be promoting the flex packs as a x-mas gift for the whole family or for small groups. (Flex packs are a great deal for those who don't want to commit to season tickets - e.g. 10 bronze tickets for $190 or 10 gold for $380 - and the tickets can be used in any combination for any games).

I think the Lions should set up a small booth in one of the malls heading up to x-mas. They could sell seasons tickets, flex packs, 3-game packs, and Lions gear. There could be occassional visits by players and/or Felions and perhaps even the Grey Cup. This would not only help to sell tickets but it would be good to make sure the Lions aren't forgotten until next summer.

Anyway, just my two cents... what do you think?

First of all the lions are not forgotten, at all any more and xmass time has been the best time for sales, for the last 3 years, it is not like the olden days when damin allen was here were after the season, exspaccly in 2000 and 1994 after they won the grey cup they went into hybornation,every year there ticket base has been climbing. here are the figures

2002 6,000 season tickets
2003 10,000 season tickets
2004 14.000 season tickets
2005 19,000 season tickets
2006 21,000 season tickets
Next year i predict 25,000-27,000 season ticket

We have not seen that kind of number since the mid 80's

Beleive me the lions will make sure that they will not be forgotten.

One more thing

I think next year when we win the west again, this time lets market this thing a lot earler, not waite until the last week before the game,all though 50,000 people is not to shabby.But we can sell it out next year if they market it ealier.

Marketing or not, I'm getting Season Tickets next year for the first time.

Glad to hear that you're getting STs and I'm sure the ST numbers will continue to grow thanks to many fans like you.

It just seems like the team could do so much more. Sorta like the WDF... we had a great crowd but that seemed to happen in spite of Lions marketing, not because of it. Imagine spending another $50k on advertising the WDF - they'd only need to sell another 1700 tickets to pay that cost and the rest would be gravy.

With season tix is even better - if they can sell an extra 300 bronze seats with $50k in advertising they are making money. Plus more people with tickets = more buzz and the whole thing starts to snowball.

I don't mean to be too critical because things are on the upswing and attendance is growing. It just seems they could do more...