To lie or not to lie

What is the right thing to say if a child asks you if Santa is real. I say to always tell the truth.

The real culprits are those that tell children Santa is real in the first place.

Most of us try to teach our children not to lie, yet many lie to them, often.

There is no such thing as a little lie, or a white lie, etc. A lie is a lie.

Love and compassion is the most important attributes.

Truth, Honesty and Integrity is second, only to be broken in order to serve the first.

and no, it is not an act of love to tell children that Santa, the Easter bunny, the Tooth fairy, etc, are real.

Then there is this parents statement

" One parent told local station News 12 New Jersey her daughter was upset by the situation. “I was heartbroken,” Myra Sansone-Aboyoun told the outlet. “You know, my daughter is the hugest believer in the whole Christmas spirit – Santa, giving.”

Clearly this parent has only half a clue what the whole Christmas spirit really is. Giving, part of it, Santa, no

I call bogus on this.

Do you have Children ?

Did you believe in Santa as a child ?

Don’t ruin your Childs dreams, they’ll find out soon

Regardless of what we say to them, children use imagination and fantasy to play and learn. Santa is no different. I still believe in Santa ! He does nothing wrong and teaches ‘giving’. It is a harmless belief…The stark truth does not have to ruin the innocence of a child.

yes I have children.

never told them santa was real

did not believe in santa as a child

my childs dreams were not ruined

well, don’t need to believe in santa to learn and practice giving.

the innocence of children does not depend on believing in santa.

I wonder, do you believe in Santa’s flying raindeer as well? :slight_smile:

Read what I wrote and then read your answer above. It’s apparent you are not on the same wavelength, Ebenezer. :wink:

When your kids were out playing Batman and Robin, did you stop them and inform them that Batman is not real ? Or did you let them play and they either caught on by themselves or already knew. Santa is not the only fantasy that kids believe in. I don’t believe in lying but there is a time when the truth does not have to be exploited.

LOL. . . FYB, you’ll probably be able to imagine what I would say in response to that, expanding on your “etc”, but since my response would likely result in my being banned for a time, I’ll hold my tongue.


yeah, gotta stay away from that line :slight_smile:

My Rule Of Thumb : Unless it’s to spare someone’s feelings, always tell the truth.

Santa / the Easter Bunny are the exception.

Kids grow up too fast as it is. Let children be children as long as possible.

Does anyone on here despise their parents for ‘LYING’ to them that Santa was real ? Speak up. Let’s hear how it destroyed your life.

don’t go over board ehh.

How about how much it hurts some childrenwhen theyfind out that there is no Santa?

Children can do just fine without believing in Santa

Finding out he isn’t real doesn’t suddenly end their childhood

most kids who play batman and robin don’t actually believe they are real people.

I always preferred green hornet and Kato. Specially when I got to be Kato.

Not me.

I’m sure a lot of people remember it improving their lives. It made Christmas even more fun when you were a kid.

Many kids regret the day they stopped believing - I remember it as a sad day.

I wish it had lasted longer.

yeah, that’s just it. Once you believe, it hurts to know the truth.

however, when you never believe, no pain. Christmas still lots of fun.

If I had kids, I would wish for them a long life of believing in Santa.

Anyway, we will have to agree to disagree.

as a side note.

I never believed in Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Ghosts, Space Aliens, The Man in the Moon, Super Heroes (except firemen and police), Talking Horses, Popeye, Reincarnation, or The Cat in the Hat.Yet I do believe in something. Go Figure

ok by me :slight_smile:

talking snakes and talking donkeys?