To Kellyfanatic or. . .

To: Kellyfanatic
And to: Bramletgirl
And to: Paulpearson

Why don't you just pick ONE name and stick with it??

All I can tell you is that Papa and I showed KELLYFANATIC the door, I doubt we will see the likes of him again! I called him a dick head, and that`s the last anybody has heard from him. :thup:

Wow. . . I've heard of Multiple Personality DIsorder . . .

...i think housedog has also gone underground..... :lol: UNTIL the next Bomberr loss...or Kelly faux-pas.... :lol:

LOL...all the more reason for the team to keep winning! :smiley:

Sure haven't missed him. . . he was far more annoying than Kellyfanatic~paulpearson~bramletgirl, or whatever new name that one will come up with over the next few weeks. . .

Come to think of it, I dont' think we've heard from housedog since he denied calling for Berry to be fired last year and was then faced with a post of his from last year where he did precisely that. . .'re all welcome! LOL :wink:

Job well done, Kubie.

Nice one kube.

Wishful thinking on your part.

As per usual you have no clue whay you are talking about. I said last year that Taman and Bauer should be fired. Some of you were saying that Bauer was a saviour. He was the one who signed Kelly. Do you and your friend Dan find that annoying.

They will only be winning in your wildest dreams.

....dawg ....why do you have no credibility....but make sure you get your seasons tickets for the new can support the BigBlue in your negative way....and also can attend the games 'bagged' if you like.. :lol: :lol:

I find other small things much more annoying !!

Season tickets for what new digs ?? There has been no shovels put in the ground as of yet ?? Have you been drinking again ?? Phone the Bomber office and tell them you want tickets for the new stadium. See what they say. You really should lay off the alcohol.

That fits you to a tee.

Can we all just agree to stop engaging with housedog, instead of coming down to his level of discourse?

I like the friend and foe options here. The foe option has come in handy for a couple of people. :lol:

Sure, if it’s done with wit and style. It’s the pointless mean-spirited slander that gets both annoying and boring.

I grew up with MadJack and I can assure you he doesn’t have multiple personalities. Whether or not you like the one he has may be another question… :wink: I’ve always found that maintaining one personality is quite enough work without adding others. :slight_smile:

Maybe we could even get back on topic, if that’s not too radical an idea. Who is using multiple identities on the forum, and why?

Footnote: here's what I mean.

If housedog is making the (admittedly very subtle) suggestion that MadJack's grasp of the game is akin to Tee Martin's performance of it, that would be a tad nasty, but it would show some cleverness. MadJack could counter with his anti-hero Ted White, maybe some others could join in with their non-favourites, and we'd all have a chuckle. It would even be a bit educational for those of us who may not have seen all of these "legends" in action.

However, if housedog is simply trying to say "fits to a T" (as in a carpenter's T-square) and misspelled it, then his comment is both ignorant and mean-spirited, with no redeeming value whatsoever.

OK, back to the mystery at hand. Are some of Bishop's biggest fans actually the same person?