To keep uptodate on the Dispersal draft.

fond this page on TSNs wed site.

edited becase the post was too late, but still here to back tmfm up

So you made a completely useless post

I don't leave my men behind. everyone on CFL Talk should at least get a reply, or have there thread meaged with another.

What else is new?

Kanga, this isn't war, and this isn't Kindergarten. Who cares if nobody replied to him. I am sure he doesn't. If you are that insevure that your feelings get hurt if noone replies to you, you way more problems than I would care to hear.

I don't care if anybody repeals to my threads (except if I have a question), but I do care if nobody says anything to someone else on the CFL TALK forum.

this isn't about me, it's about others, if I can't give the author a aweser to his thread, I can at least put ONE post on here to keep it alieve.

and I'm pretty sure that this is more than tmfm bagained for on here.

here is a good question, why wasn't this meaged with another topic about the draft?

because he posted it just before the draft started, and then the site went down, by the time it was back, talking about this post was useless, becuase the draft was over, so nobody needed to watch the draft with this. So leave it alone

and thats it from me.