TO in TO

Since they like nfl'ers that are done, and he sighed with a IFL team, I wonder if any tean actually tried to get him up here.

I'm assuming you referring to Terrell Owens?

On November 2, 2011, the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League announced they had extended a six-figure contract offer to Owens to play for the Wranglers in the 2012 season.
It is surprising Owens was signed to a six figure salary considering teams' arena capacities range from 4,000 seats - 9,000 seats.

A few months ago I had contemplated the possibility of TO in the CFL and surmised he may have done well here, although GM's may have been hesitant due to his "baggage".

Here are the facts:

The league and teams will be criticized by non-cflers and CFL haters for not bringing him up. Claiming he would own the CFL

If he comes up:

The League would be criticized for bringing this guy up for a look.

If he is cut during training camp:

The league would be criticized for cutting him, because he was so good down south.

If he makes a team, becomes average cfl receiver:

The league would be criticize as a place where athletes go to end their career. aka He's not good enough for the NFL any more and his career is on the downside

If he makes a team, and starts tearing up the CFL

The league would be criticized as bush, easy league. Where an old-aged average NFL receiver will put up big numbers because it's no where near on par.

What are the benefits of bringing TO into the CFL again?

The only bennifit would be maybe more american viewers. But on a bigger field he might have something left in him. But personally ,leave him down there.

No thanks to , TO. :thdn:

Bingo. CFL haters still mock the league for bringing Ricky Williams up here.

I used to back up T.O. until after the Super Bowl season with the Eagles when he went off the wall later that year in 2005.

Personally I don't care for many a diva receiver like Owens either for the most part, but then again like just any fan I don't care for also a few other professional athletes who have great talent (i.e. Lebron, Cam Newton, et cetera).

I am tempted to compare this situation relative to the CFL to that of Andre` Rison who also had more than his share of off-the-field hi-jinks in an era with far less media scrutiny.

On the flip-side very few athletes over 30 have undergone the conditioning with the aid of an entire team of specialist, let alone these days with new stem cell regeneration technologies, as has T.O.

I would not be bothered at all if Owens were given a CFL try-out such that may the chips fall where they may.

If Terrell Owens were to make a CFL team, he would present match-up issues such that any defensive coordinator would have to account for him seriously.

You hate cam newton because he something you want Tebow to be

Off topic here ...

The best potential in a young QB right now is in Cam Newton. Then you have to wonder about Andy Dalton and TJ Yates.

Cam Newton is one of the best rookies in a long time.

However if you are in love Cam Newton as some sort of icon off the field more power to you, but he's been a serious jerk for awhile and well before that comment he made in 2010 before the draft.

I would not want that for Tebow or any other young QB even though some folks have made Tebow some sort of icon too.

The difference is that Newton desires that status as some sort of public icon, but Tebow has been given it but does not care for or desire it from those fans beyond who he is as a football player.

but he's been a serious jerk for awhile and well before that comment he made in 2010 before the draft.
what derisive comments are attributed to Newton?

I’m sure him going off the wall probably helped your chances of moving up the depth chart and getting some playing time with the Eagles. :wink:

Review his history at Florida before going to Auburn and his father getting paid in his recruiting to Auburn for which of course the NCAA found no wrongdoing for starters. :roll:

Then there was the infamous "icon" comment to Peter King of SI. He later tried to take it back, but most of us knew better for this Lebron wannabe.