To Heck with Maciocia, I love Maas!

Who was that guy wearing number eleven tonight?

Tight spirals. Deep throws. Hitting receivers in stride. Definitely not the QB we've seen all year.

The Oline is dramatically improved since that dude with the hat left the sidelines.

he played great tonight yes. but thats one game. like a few weeks ago people wanted Maas gone. there were threads reading "QB for next year". Its amazing how people will do a whole 180 just for a win. every qb has an off night but Maas has had like 10 bad games this year so until more games like tonight happen Maas still has to prove himself but Fuck it till next week lets enjoy this win.

Think about this one... if the Ray never fumbled, and Ray-Tucker got another last minute TD and the TiCats last, would anybody say Jason played well???

Just shows how people blame/ credit the qb WAY too much. I think one of his best games this year was the 41-38 loss against the Als, but since you lost, nobody says he played alright.

The Esks were indeed charging towards the end zone during the last minute.

However, even Maas's incompletions looked good last night. My praise is not based on the score, but rather the performance. He was a different guy last night and I'm just trying to figure out why.

I'm willing to bet other people's criticisms of Maas are nothing personal, but once again the performance. If he starts living up to his potential, TiCat fans will embrace him like a fat kid on a smartie.

Maas sounded upbeat after the game, especially when talking about "sleeping in his own bed" next week in Edmonton. I think there are a lot of physical reasons and football reasons for his performance this year. But I think living away from his wife and child has messed with his psyche, too. He's wound pretty tight, and one wonders whether they were the folks who settled him. It's easy to forget these guys aren't only human, they're kids (relatively speaking). That was an inury riddled o-line in the second half. Let's cut him some slack when he does help put up a W.