TO/Ham LDC (Golden Horseshoe Classics)

No question, Toronto will win both.

Toronto is on an up swing since Allen cam back, and they will conitinue to make up lost ground thoughout the seconf half. Hamilton is a mess, with the people at falit saying, and ther peole no resposible going, with the exception of Paopao, IMO, this team just isn't going to get it togerther for any type of run, playoff, whatever. Toronto win dominate them. Look for Allen to brack the recond this weekend

Toronto: 50
Hamilton: 8

Toronto: 48
Hamilton: 1

Single and safety city for the Cats.

god damn, i hate you

And what if I wanted to pick hamilton this week and toronto next? If you're going to make a poll, at least include all of the available possibilities!

Cmon, say what you really mean.

Has anyone heard whether the Hammer will sellout?

Yep .... I bet all games this weekend are sold out!


Just read how Sask has been sold out for weeks. The Stamps are 1000 seat away and the Als no doubt have a sellout.
Agree it would be nice to have four sell outs.

it's up now, I didn't have time to fix it, they quite literally kicking me out.

love you too, right back at you! peace sign