to habman and meanstreak

What games have you been watching....the O line stinks and if you can say that Porter is holding on to the ball too long then whats the other guys can put Peyton or Brady back there and it still wouldn't most people say.. if no receivers are open who you going to throw to.When watching TV could you not see the opposing team barrel through the left can you not see them walk right through these guys.I seen them blow by Cavka several times alone.Meanstreak...I agree that BC is head and shoulders above Hamilton..but what I said was in that particular game I truly believe that we killed ourselves and not because of BC....the score indicated how bad the Ticats played and not how good BC was.....I can honestly say it was not one of their better games.
As far as a rookie quarterback goes are you saying that Williams and Printers are any better...remember they are the duo that got us to this point......we have played what 15 games and Porter has only played basically one and a half and really his first game came down to a bad snap.....other than that he did very well in that game..and my question to you is.. what did Williams/Printers do for us last season.
Not sure but you sound like a Taffe fan.....I will agree that Charlie did not have the luxury of having a first rate team at his disposal....but when you are down in a game and facing 3rd and 1and you don't go for it...then it is time to pack it in.A very bad decision that ended up causing a touchdown against us anyway. There is no argument that this organization has made some pretty bone headed deals with individuals that they have hired or maybe not hired..but even so they are not the guys on the field and them as players should hang their heads....what I mean is how is it OB's fault when a ball is thrown right into your hands and is dropped....and I am not just talking a rookie because Miles is nt a rookie...however; maybe thats why Toronto got rid of him...who knows.
Anyway see what happens next round.

In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Repeat three times.

Feel better?

Remember we're all on the same team here.