To Grims = a case of Forty Creek Whiskey

I am afraid you might have to stock up on your Forty Creek Grims.

Here are the differences between the Riders and the Leos

  1. Riders finish games. Even when they play lousy they finish strong. The Lions, conversely, fizzle in the fourth.

  2. The Riders have a quarterback who can run, throw short or long and not get discouraged. The Lion’s starter, on the other hand, goes into a pout mode early if things do not go well and never seems upbeat and positive to teammates.

  3. The Riders defence bends but does not break. Even on missed coverages no one quits as they all play team defence until the whistle. The Lions play as individuals at present.

  4. The Riders take care of business at home despite terrific losses to personnel in the off season. The Lions are dismal and boring at home which is a disaster as a marketing tool let alone when attempting to acquire important league points in the standings.

So stock up the Whiskey cellar, my friend as you and your empire faithful will need some fortication to get you through the hot days of summer until Wally sees the light and makes some changes. Good news is that the class of the west Saskatchewan have shown everyone that they are definetly beatable if teams play four quarters (and overtime periods) against them.
The Riders were lucky today. The CFL season is long. Make the playoffs chum- that is all that matters. Then the real season begins.

  • an old turkey