To Fire or Not to Fire.....

Keep Barnett and Hall and turf Belfry

I'm not even kidding when I say this: "I could be a better Offensive Coord than Bellefeuille"

Doesn't take an idiot to alternate between a run up the middle and a WR hitch screen

One word INJURIES, Ivan Gutfreind the teams medical Guru has stated that in his 28 years in his position he has NEVER seen so many injuries Hit one team in these first 8 games… ya ya blah blah injuries are excuses doesnt hold water here.
With the constant revolving door the team cannot sustain or gain continuity, whats the Average 5 roster changes per game due to unjuries??coupled with the fact Greene is falling flat on his face after a decent start.

This break maybe the Cure

Firing Danny or Marcel at this point is futile, If the Riders continue to fall as the season progresses even with injured players returning… its time to Dump Shivers and the entire coaching staff and the END OF THE SEASON.

I like Barette. I would agree on the offensive co-ordinator and Corey Holmes. Holmes won those 3 games for Sask.

Neolon and Crandell were suspect from the get go. In my opinon the same goes for Kahri Jones. They had some good years but the other teams have figured them out.

If Barette does not get ride of his Offensive cordinator then he should go to. He is in charge of the team and has to take responsibility.

I like sask and with them luck.


DB’s illiterate and you’re a bigot. Why didn’t you call him “Danny Negro”? How different would it have been than using “Francais” for “Bellefeuille”?

This poll is stupid…I’d vote “no” and I’m not stupid, nor am I from Saskatchewan. Thank god.

...and your poll suggests that there is only one correct answer. That's not a poll, that's a re-affirmation that you and only those who agree with you is right.