To Fire or Not to Fire.....

Danny Barrett

5 years as Head Coach with tons of talented players.
0 Grey Cup Wins
Married to Nealon Greene.
VERY poor road record.

You tell me????

Yes I noticed I misspelled Barretts name in the poll question, but it's all fine, he's illiterate when it comes to play selection.

I Don't think Danny should be fired ,i have faith in him yet,but Marcel on the other hand ,should be sent packin. I think he is nothin but a snake,I dont trust him at all.
Just my opinion. :mrgreen:

yeah i dont like Marcel Bellefeuille :evil: he is the one that sends in plays an i dont think there workin :lol: Marcel Bellefeuille has to realize that this is not the university league no more!!! We have the players but not the plans :roll: FIRE Marcel Bellefeuille :wink: :expressionless: serious? DB cause the riders are on a bit of a losing, I'm glad I don't work for you down at the kitten-slaughter factory....look at the sask IR list, like every good player is on can't fire a coach for losing games when half the line up is comprised of second string players........maybe if this loss fest was happening with all of sask's A line players out there, then maybe........

Fire them both.Barrett has had 5 years.
It seems the players have quit on him.
Injuries are a excuse.
When someone gets injured,usually the other players pick up the slack(Not Reggie).
If yhey do fir e Danny,who would they get to replace him?

.......turkeybend has volunteered to coach the team.........

RedandWhite.......honestly.......players have nothing to do with this......they are amazing talents....coaching has had no success in this case....and in get sent packing. The only factor here is that Barrett and Shivers work on the buddy system and this will never happen. As far as it being Barretts fault...doesnt the head coach usually pick is own assisstants/co-ordinators??? Ergo......they all need to go....clean house.

....well, ok, but he isn't working with the team he started with, and given the rotating door of injuries at taylor field these days I'd be hard pressed to pin the blame on DB if I were the rider GM...but I see your point......

You gain nothing at this point by firing Danny Barrett. Not saying that someone can’t come in but who right now who has great CFL experience and is not under contract as an assistant somewhere?

Bad franchises fire coaches a lot. Good ones have stability. It may look good for a bit as the new broom sweeps clean for a while and then down you go again. Teams need stability and progress if they are to survive. Stability starts from the top down and if players know the coach is toast at the sight of a bad spell then that sense of discomfort transfers to the team and guess what, bad results keep coming and coming. Right now, I see Ottawa as an oxymoron with Joe P doing good with some Ws but the owners are reputed loons with a reputation for breeding instability.

All of this is no different than a work environment in a company. The best companies, divisions and departments function much like a football team with people doing different jobs but all in the aid of a good bottom line and high customer satisfaction.

If the business manager is feeling unhealthy pressure from above and is now focusing mostly on not losing his/her job, this transfers to the managers and supervisors and sometimes staff and work performance and financial results suffer even worse. Managers and staff need first to know that the big boss means them no harm. If they do their work and get results they don’t need to be looking over their shoulder in a bad spell. I learned this lesson through experience so when I got to be the head guy (VP) I made sure that it was like a football team that won because of everyone doing their jobs well but not coming to work worried I was going to fire their a$$ out the door. They knew where they stood and didn’t have to worry. Yes, I did fire a couple of people but they weren’t doing the job and it was better for them and us that I did.

I suspect that Sask saw how well they finished last season and expected everyone to build on what looked like a solid foundation including two guys who looked to be CFL QBs last year.

The QB need is something that they might have to try and address but to have some success this season a change may not work now. If they brought in a guy say on a trade - Spurgeon Wynn comes to mind. By the time the gets to know the system, this season is done. This will only work if the guy is really coming for next year.

Being married to your QB is a danger for a coach when the team is struggling but so is a lot of changes like the Bombers who are proving that doesn’t work too well either.

Buck Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it…

Fire DB right NOW. The team will have a couple weeks to get reorganized under the new guy, whoever that might be.

Rider fans had their expectations set way too high this season. This squad was 4 - 8 last year until Hank turned into a messiah and lifted you to .500. But in reality, that is all you have had under DB over the last 5 years is a club that struggles to .500 and low ranked playoff seed at best.

The only difference in the game last night was Joseph running in for TDs. Neither team could get the passing game going, DB should have left Nealon in and told him to take off with it every chance he got, thats his strengh, when a coach isnt playing to his players strenghts then its time for a change.

As much as I hate the riders,the fans deserve better.
They are loyal to their team.They are behind them through the good and bad times.
If I payed my hard earned money to see my team lose all the time,I would be mad to.

I think the Riders thought that losing Burris was no big deal with as Greene and Crandall were going to light it up for them on a continuing basis. Now that thought looks delusional to an outsider from afar. They really believed that this year was going to build on that solid foundation of wins at the end.

I still think moving in a new coach is no easy thing and no doubt the Esks won’t part with Jason Maas easily. I had forgot about Johnson, thanks.

I think wally is a good example of a turn around......BC was in shambles when he got look at things....whats Sasky's excuse....I blame coaching thru and thru......we are now goin on 6 years.

I've said this on another thread, but I'll say it again. The players are not the problem. Marcel is the one calling the same plays over and over again when they are clearly not working. I don't mind Barrett, I think he is a good players coach. The fact is that the Riders need an OC who actually has some imagination. The players can only do so much with the plays they are given. If Rick Ray had to run the same passing play 25 times a game, I don't think his stats would be that great once the defence figured him out.

I think cleaning house right now would be a bad move. I say give Marcel until the end of the season to find some creativity and turn things around. If nothing changes, I say get rid of him (and possibly Barrett) after the season is done.

I dunno....he's already had a very long time to find some creativity and yet nothin.......he's had long enough.

Somebody misjudged talent. Was it Barrett or Shivers? They were sold on Nealon Greane over Burris. I'm going to take a hit on this next comment, but I like Cory Holmes better than Kenton Keith. The big thing though, was staying "pat" during the off-season. While the other teams tried to improve, with free agent signings, The Riders did next to nothing. A 9-9 record should have been the indicator to improve, but either Shivers or Barrett elected not to.

I totally agree.....and I dont think you should take any hits for cory holmes....that guy has been a total horse and for the most part every other player should take example from him so far this season.

I would say if Barrett was married to Nealon …they just got divorced in the last game…Riders are headed for the basement… the Bombers were getting lonely down there.anyway… Barrett could be toast…

I agree with Tbone.............let them finish the season. Who knows maybe they can turn things around........stranger things have happened..........if we don't go anywhere..............toast them all.................including Shrivers.......maybe raise..........oh damn it whats our defensive coachs name again..........him to head coach