To crossover or not, a different perspective

It is my thought that there should be a crossover, but that the crossover team should have 3 or 4 more pts than the other 3rd place team, not just 1pt as it is now.

What say you all?

Naw... leave it as it is now. If (when) Ottawa comes back, the cross-over will be even more important to ensure fairness between unbalanced divisions.

No it's fine as it is, BC deserves the spot, just hope they can compete.

as a lion fan, I ask, why do they deserve the spot?

The whole idea of crossover was because sometimes a 4-14 team would be in the playoffs while a 7-11 sat watching. An 8-10 team sitting while a 7-11 plays is not nearly so bad. Otherwise, why bother with divisions at all.

Why does Winnipeg deserve the spot over BC? They have a worse record and play in a much weaker division. The playoffs should be about the best teams, not based on who happens to be geographically close enough to the Argonauts to get in by default.

The only reason why we have divisons is for travel expense reasons. Playing local teams more often reduces costs and helps rivalries.

Get 10 teams and get rid of the stupid crossover. I think the league will conspire to keep the lions out of the grey cup...

Ladies and gentlemen, the eastern division champions, BC Lions....

lol the most westernmost team represents the east, are Canadians that bad in geography.

What? Yeah, when they made the crossover rule it was because Canadians didn’t know the locations of cities in Canada…

I always did not like arrogant people from the EAST like Vancouver people!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The most important part ,is the teams deserving to make the post season do so ! WPG and Tor didn't deserve to be in the playoffs and it's a great system to ensure credibility for the CFL. Before the cross over, you had some East teams making the playoffs with 3 or 4 wins . That was embarrassing !

How about keeping the crossover as-is and renaming the divisions the Prince of Wales Conference and the Clarence Campbell Conference.

Then there will be no more whining about BC potentially being the Eastern Champions because if they won they'd be the Prince of Wales Champions.

The east-west thing is okay for regular season play, but has gone by the wayside during playoffs when this cross-over thing started happening! For the playoffs, the teams should be ranked from 1 to 8, with the bottom 2 being dropped! The division winners take the 2 top spots, after that 3 to 6 are ranked by w-l-t! So 6 plays at 3’s home field, 5 plays at 4’s home field! The 2 winners of the first round are ranked again, as the team with the least pts plays 1, the team with the better plays 2! Then those winners can play for the Grey cup!

You can't do that with the unbalanced schedules that we currently have. You'd have to have all teams play each other an equal amount of times if you wanted to go with that format. Personally I think the rule is fine, the crossing over team has to have more points. If we had 10 teams and 2 divisions of 5 you could probably get rid of the rules as things would balance themselves out but as it currently stands it's needed.

nah, keep it as is, but maybe look into having, in case of a tie, the cross over teams record against the 3rd place team record in a season series, and the teams of the division in question be a factor in determining if they cross over or not. If the CO team has a better record that the 3rd place team in their season series, then they cross over. If they still tie, If the CO team has the best win/loss record against all the teams in the division, they CO and take 3rd place.

I'd love to see what Bigdave or a poster would say to disprove those ideas, for the record I'm not an active support of them, but they should be worth a discussion.

Off topic a bit, bu fact is in the CFL currently...

West teams: BC, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Calgary, (Winnipeg)

East Teams: Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal

So the current set up of 4 West Teams and 2 East teams in this season's playoffs works rather well in representing the make up of the league.

If the west was aloud to keep 5 teams eliminating the last place from the playoffs, and the East had to make due with 3 and the same elimination rule, then I bet there would be no comments from the anti CO peanut galley.

Fact is, CO is a great compromise between the East Vs. West tradition, and having the top 6 best teams be in the playoffs regardless. It is a great system that I hope continues even if we have 10 teams in two 5 team divisions.

The East vs West tradition is gone now since a Western team or an Eastern team can win in the other division!

um, no it's not

when the Grey Cup ends up being an East Vs. West match up like 9 times out of 10 (and I say that even though there technically has never been an All West or All East GC), I say it's very much alive and well.

Honestly, dude, you have nothing to fear from the CO, and haven't you seem my idea on how to avoid BC or Edmonton becoming the East Division Champion?

Cross Over is a great truly 100 percent Canadian invention, a shot off the wild card, like it or not it's as Canadian as a Maple Leaf, and we need to stand up for it.