To Charlie

You are on the right path and hopefully your frustrations will ease somewhat and the focus can be on continuing to refine the plays and not on correcting penalties.
The fans are behind you 100% as we know that most of your moves are the right ones, even though the team record at this point is not quite what you expected but you are getting closer every game.
Great game. Well done coach.
Nice to see you getting cooled off at the end of the game and good to see you with a smile on your face.

Go Cats GO!

Great work Charlie. The team was prepared, motivated, and worked hard throughout. That was a real display of professional football. You, and they, are all to be commended for staying focused and believing in yourselves after a rough start to the season and some not very supportive comment on this board. Keep it up, it's great to see the Cats back in the W column, and I support you guys all the way.

Good thing that, with respect ot the ice shower, the team didn't wait until some frigid November afternoon to win their first one.

Glad you stuck to your guns, coach. Congrats.

And MAJOR kudos for the personnel moves made by Charlie during the game. I posted it elsewhere but I think it's worth repeating here:

Karikari blew coverage early on a Bomber TD, so down he sat and Beveridge came in at safety and played well.

Cheron blew an attempted submarine block on Simpson, allowing Simpson to get a sack. Cheron gets nailed to the bench and Dyakowski comes in.

Goddard (I think) missed a block and down he sat to be replaced by someone else.

Great to see a coach taking control like that and not afraid to make changes to make a point.

Super coaching job.

Who made the decision to defer after winning the coin toss. If it was a 'captain' I just don't get it.

If it was Charlie Taaffe, what was he thinking?

We kick into a wind that we know will be gone by the third quarter. WE squint into the sun receivng the ball for the first quarter.

Jesse's answering touchdown saved the first quarter from disaster. Winnipeg had 6 minutes of possession before we ran our second play from scrimmage.

Why defer???


Funny you should ask, because I asked Charlie exactly this last night while having a celebratory Molson Canadian.

Charlie's answer was straightforward:

  1. He much prefers to have the ball at the start of the second half than at the start of the first. It is a long game and your offense often appreciates the little things more by then.
  2. While the sun was in our "punt" receiver's eyes it was not in our "pass" receivers eyes. It was to make it easier for our receivers to see the ball coming from Maas that Charlie deferred.

Cheers, Bob.

I've often wondered the same thing .

Thanks for the answer, right from Charlie Taaffe.