To boom or not to boom

Seems like the majority cannot listen to any kind of music without deep booming base, where others a ways away only hear, boom boom boom boom boom…

I don’t get it. There is so much more to good music than that, no matter what generation or what music preference.

Just across and over one, there is a house where they are having a south Asian wedding celebration tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday. They sent around a note to neighbours in advance to warn of parking issues and noise. I highly respect them for that and am prepared to endure without complaint. Yet the only noise I am hearing right now is boom boom boom, after 11 pm. I would be fine if it were not for that.

I'm figuring the BOOM BOOM BOOM is to cover up the fact that the music is talent-less crap.

I'm not a sound engineer - but I think the boom, boom, boom base sounds seem to carry through walls and perhaps the air more than other music sounds.

I used to have a neighbour - a friend who lived below me in Toronto and I swear all you could hear in my place when he was playing music a little too loud was boom, boom, boom. Yet when I would then go down to his place - like on some nights when he was having a party - and yes there was some boom base to the music - but nothing close to the level that carried through the walls into my place. The music sound was quite good and not too basey at all. Weird.

Boom Boom (out go the lights) . Great song .'s this

You know it Hank !!! Pat Travers , a great underappreciated Canadian artist . A great blues and rock guitarist . I saw him live in I believe it was either "78" or "79" . He was the opening act for Uriah Heep.
and simply put on a tremendous show . Great memories , Great song , Great musician 8) 8) 8)

And now without further adieu , it's Boom Boom time.....Enjoy !!! :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

I was thinking John Lee Hooker or The Animals but I guess there must be a load of good boom boom tracks out there.

John Lee Hooker

The Animals

They are pretty good as well and got that blues punch .

The band was on fire but the crowd were a little shy with out go the lights .

What about Bamm Bamm Bamm?

how about

Got a kick out of the Argo named Boom Williams . Love that name .