To Bomber, Eskie, TiCat and Rider fans....

Are you guys and gals still following what all is happening in the CFL or have you lost interest since being eliminated? Eskies and Riders: Are you hoping that the team that eliminated your team gets eliminated [as in Calgary and Toronto]? Or perhaps there is some other bias that you'd like to share.

Has anyone made alternate plans and will not be watching the WF and EF since their team is not participating? I'm curious. I normally watch these games even if my team is not playing. Do you have a second favourite? If you do, I'd be interested in know who your second choice would be and why.

Lost a lot of my interest. I will flip back and forth between the playoff games and the NFL games on Sunday. Last weekend, I watched very little of the Edmonton-Toronto game because it was a blowout, but I was more attentive to the Calgary-Saskatchewan game. This week, I'll do the same thing, including playing more attention to the West Final. I have kind of adopted Calgary as my team in these playoffs -- the sheer number of ex-Cats is astonishing, plus I really want to see Kevin Glenn finally win a Grey Cup so it will shut up all his critics -- so I am more interested in what happens out west than what happens in the east. My only hope is that Montreal obliterates Toronto tomorrow; if Toronto somehow manages to win, then I'll be selling my Grey Cup tickets.

Can't speak for the others, but this Bomber fan is definitely staying tuned. (Also following CIS action.)

Second favourite team? Well, I'm not sure there is such a thing really. Just call me a "Canadian football fan." Period.

But I tend to think it would be for the best overall if Toronto went deep in the playoffs. Just better for the game in the Big Picture because of the importance of the Toronto market to the health of the league. Plus, the whole storied history of the Toronto franchise is especially important on the eve of the 100th Grey Cup. To say nothing of the fact that the Argos have become one darn entertaining team since R.R. returned from injury.

But at any other time and in any other year, Argos Suck ... of course.

I'll be pulling for Calgary, lots of history between these two teams and they do battle right to the end.
Looking forward to Glenn to say the least.

I am still very interested, I love me some 3 down football no matter who is playing and the two match-ups tomorrow should be really good games. I will watch NFL when the CFL season is over.

Kenny Ploen

Great posts you guys. Enjoyed reading your take on things. Looking forward to reading more. :thup:

As always, my take on Grey Cup is, I cheer for:

Edmonton first
Alberta second
West third
East when hell freezes over

Don’t care who gets in from the East, do not really want to see B.C. from the West. Will watch and enjoy whoever gets in and wins.

Go Stamps Go.

...Lose interest????? Not a chance...I'm not as hyped-up as I would be if my team were in it but I believe in CFL football...Always have always matter who is on the field...I do have my favourite 'pick' for the Cup but i won't be waving their pennant around or anything like that...I'll be watching all of the post-season action...Maybe not comment on all the games but I'm very much aware of what is going on and will be right till the final whistle in the Cup :wink:


In the East I'm in for Toronto. They have so many cups that the Riders will never catch them. Only 3 or 4 behind Montreal I think. In the West, I'll go for Calgary. Since I live here, a parade may mean an afternoon away from work with a good excuse. Not sure who has more cups between them ( think it's 6 - 6 haven't bothered to check) so eighther way the scenario of keeping Riders as close to next to last in cup wins doesn't play here. Would love for my great Grandkids at least, to see Riders climb out of the basement in cup wins. Therefor I'm all in for Toronto to take it all. :lol: 15 -20 comming over for the games, only about 4 or 5 less than when we get together for Rider games. Buddys' Moose roast may have swayed a few of them over though.

See what i usually do is you cheer for the team that knocks yours out because then you get to say we lost to the best team so whoever knocks my team out is more often than not the one i cheer for.

Sounds good to me Grenade. :thup:

Wow Taleback. Let the good times roll! :rockin:

YOU HAVE PARADES IF YOU WIN?? I really wish the Lions were more mainstream.

Well, we did have a great Grey Cup parade last year LadnerLion although granted it was not a celebration victory parade. Maybe that's why they didn't have a victory celebration parade. Perhaps this year?

Like the others I'm a CFL fan as much as a Bomber fan.

I watch every game every year unless I'm travelling or something, in which case tsn on demand is awesome. No, I don't have the same interest as I would if the Cats were in, but I don't watch nfl, I don't watch stupid hockey which in any event isn't available this year. I'm hoping Glenn finally gets a GC ring, but beyond that, I'm not really cheering for any team.

PS: I AM cheering for Mac in the Vanier.


My teams that I root for after Saskatchewan Roughriders are:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  4. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  5. Saskatchewan Roughriders
    Ottawa Roughriders - only because of their last name!! :lol: :wink: :rockin:

Riders Will Rule Again!! 8)

Riders have ruled so often I need to take one hand out of my mittens to count.

This is a very tough weekend. Love the CFL but hate both of the EDF teams.
(come to think of it, I hate all other eastern teams)
Its going to be rough to 'cheer' for either team but I do think the arblows will win.

In the west, as others have said, go Glenn and the Stamps!
Both should be good games and am looking forward to both. Dam Blue team.

(see westerners, the East does have fans!!!)

Atleast Mac won (huge & against a western team) and I will be going to the Vanier Cup on Friday. (and visiting Tiger Town!)
Go Mac! Oski wee wee