To Bob

Couldn't they have waited to do this?
Printers Packs

At least until the computer doods could photoshop a Tabbie uniform on him!

best owner of the modern era.way to go Mr. Young

Strike while the iron's hot I always say.....why do people always seem to resent marketing? works just fine for the NFL and NASCAR.....this is smart to get the hype going because given our season so far, at least it's a ray of hope....big bucks were spent today so the team has to cash in on the investment....or at least try to get some bucks coming the other

I guess it's just my line of thinking...I would've Ballard'd it up and just maintained the status quo as long as there were near sellouts at Ivor Wynne.
This is a good move for the future though, so those crowds don't plummet back to the dismal 2003 figure of 14,863 average.
If Printers pays off....and the team is much improved next year, could we see consistent sellouts at Ivor Wynne? We average only a couple thousand below a sellout as it is...and we're 1-8!
I hope I can get tickets next year!

Yes, kudos to Bob Young for making the right move. Now that the deal is done, I don't want to hear another disparaging word about the Caretaker - none!
The 1st -ve word I hear from anyone, & you'll have to answer to Ang Mosca!
Ang - did you hear that????

The Eagle - - - :thup: :thup: :thup:

No kidding. To see what the guy has put into the team, both in terms of time, energy and most importantly, money, another negative word should never be uttered about Bob. Ticat fans should count their blessings they have an owner as dedicated as he is. The only argument concerning him should be which street or structure to name after him.