To Bob

Thank you again for saving my team in 2003 and thank you for sending the definitively right message reported today.

For the last several years, Ticat Nation has been in turmoil regarding the dichotomy bettwen the financial turnaround of the team (at least in gate receipts) and the on-field results. Today, the football operations side has stepped up. Regardless of the outcome, you deserve a great deal of credit for stepping up and winning this bidding war.

Congratulations to you and Ticat Nation!

Oski Wee Wee

YES, EXACTLY! This is proof that Bob "gets", whether he did or didn't before, that winning and putting out a good football team is paramount. Thanks Bob!

Bob the Saviour!!
He's done everything now to get a winner on the field.

Yes Thank you once again..

bob can we :
get some new field turf with painted endzones

scrap the gold jerseys and stick to the black home and white away.

get some assistants with experience in the spread offense

Finally, a reason to beleive. It may take time but this is a gigantic step in the right direction. Russ made all the important points. Well done Bob....

Congrats to Bob and the Ticat management for landing Printers. Never thought he would be available again so soon.
I still think he's a better athlete then most of the current NFLers, but that's another story.
Casey is coming in at just the right time to be ready to knock off the Bombers for Bishop and the Argos.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time ...

If the Ticats weren't in a complete rebuild this season, they wouldn't have been so far under the salary cap. And without that space for a front loaded contract, there is no way they could have landed Mr. Printers.

Almost makes the pain of this season worth it ... 'Almost' being the key word! :wink:

And we wouldn't have had the opportunity to acquire Casey's services if it wasn't for Bob Young's deep pockets.

So I do suppose a thank you is in store.

  • paul

I don't think Bob wants a thank you. All he is hoping for, I think, is that people believe that he wants success for the organization both on and off the field. Thank you's aren't required I don't think so, just some faith even though he will be the first to admit that he has made some mistakes and can understand why some might lack some faith at this particular time.

They may not be required but in my view they are more then well deserved again.


Good move, both on the field and at the gate.
Let's see how the team reacts to this.

Hope this works for ya Doc.

Greatest update you could give us Bob,thank you.

Keep it low key if that is at all possible ...?

I think the best way to say "Thank you" guys is to keep showing up to games and keep supporting our team. I am a Leafs fan so I have felt extreme disappointment for my sports teams.

To me, Hamilton shows that they are trying when problems arise they bring in names to change it. Armstead, Lumsten (full season) Mckay-Loesher..they are trying...and now with Printers on the horizon they unlike the leafs go to great lengths to improve their team but just can't seem to get it done.

For all the criticism that Bob Young has endured in the media, by the fans, and even on himself, he has opened his wallet time and time again to get the best people possible. Printers is another example.

While the football side of things hasn't been stellar, it's not for a lack of trying or getting in people that were thought capable of the job.

So, well done again, Mr. Young. It's clear that he's willing to spend and make the big splash when it's necessary.

Just so you know, a stadium employee (from the city) told me a few months ago that this is the last year for the current field turf......a new carpet will be laid in time for next year....just relaying what I was told.

They have had a lot of problems with the current model of turf because the city opted for the "no-name" brand if you will and ignored the warnings of the other bidders at the time who offered really good quality stuff.(albeit a few more bucks)

They are apparantly getting the better stuff this time around.....but again, I'm just repeating what I was told so if it doesn't happen, don't yell at me ok? :lol:

Mikey does Casey know about the hot water

I don't care what they say about you bob...your alright in my books LOL

…that was only in the visitor’s locker room…and apparantly it’s been fixed anyhow…the showers in the Ticats locker room aren’t world class but who the hell wants to be enjoying their shower with a bunch of other naked guys?..ewwwwww!

…the quicker you get in there and get back out to safety the better I say…lol :lol:

A group of my coworkers and I rented IVor Wynne prior to the start of the season for a pick up game of touch football. There are a lot of ruts in the turf, tears in the seams, and overall, I was actually shocked at its condition considering it is practically new.

I pray for the day when when Ivor Wynne has natural grass, no soccer lines, a Leaping Tiger at midfield, and painted endzones. Now that would be cool,