To Beat Montreal Next Week, the Argos Need A LOT of.......

Well, if someone was going to start it, why not have an Argo fan start it.

Seriously though, they'll need a lot more than that to beat the Als.......they need to be on their best game next week to have a chance.

Allons-si Les Alouettes !!! Go Als Go !!

Did you see Soward after coming up with that brag-worthy winning touchdown catch? No popcorn or other shenanigans. Instead, he quietly goes to the bench and starts reminding his teammates to keep their heads in the game, cuz there's still a few minutes left. Yet another proof that Pinball is by far the best coach in the CFL.

Cheering for Montreal all the way next week! Let's hope Damon Allen has a bad of an outing as yesterday!!

I think Pinball is the best coach for the group of players he’s gathered around him in Toronto. I’m not sure he’d be as effective with the personnels of some of the other teams. But that’s one of his strengths too–getting guys he wants to coach. He interviews them before bringing them in. For example, he and the team President interviewed Ricky Williams extensively before inviting him TO for this season and Williams has been a model citizen.

An Argo fan

Are you really that scared of Montreal? The team with the longest losing streak in the CFL? The team that lost to the lowly Edmonton Eskimos at the Big O in it's last home game. The team that's lost to Toronto the last two times they've played at the Big O.

It's football, anything can happen. But I have much more faith in a team led by Pinball than a team that's no longer led by the Don. No offense to Popp, but until he proves himself in the playoffs, I'll take the Double Blue if I were betting this one. Coaching is key in the playoffs.

We'll need our best game in the Grey Cup more than in Montreal.

(And I'm a little surprised at your sense of humour when it was Soward who caught the clutch TD pass that gave the Argos the victory)

Yes, argo fans turning on each other!! Finally, something to cheer for this year.

Reading through TOFan's posts, he still has to convince me he really IS an Argo fan. :wink:

BTW, Bunner, thanks for posting about Soward's reaction after the TD. That did my heart good! One of those things you see on TV but totally miss at the game while you're still jumping up and down high fiving everyone.

I’m personally hoping to see more of Michael Bishop come in and throw the ball well .
Go Bishop!
Pinball is a good warden,no doubt about that…

I love the fact the the Argo's forum is so dead that Argo's fans know where to find true CFL football fans.

To Beat Montreal Next Week, the Argos Need A LOT of.......


You’re welcome; it was an atypical sight to say the least. If “Pinner” has indeed found a way to crack that most recalcitrant nut of all, Mr. R. Jay Soward, then I hope he shelves his mayoral aspirations and takes a run at the Prime Minister’s office instead. Attaining world peace should be a cake walk compared to reining in football’s most notorious ego.

R. Jay still has a chance to wreck it though. Keep your fingers crossed, or not, as the case may be.

Pinball's best trait is how he persuades, if not inspires, his players to be coached and be willingly led and to take direction.

The level of efficiency of his assistants, esp. Stubler, is also a signficant factor.

However, it would be interesting to see how he would fare if he was surrounded by, I dunno,say, Jamie Baressi , Kavis Reed,Jerome Erdman, a host of CISers and a semi-pro placekicker all of whom may not be all stars but try really hard and have a great attitude.

True that, true that; the importance of Rich Stubler cannot be overstated.

As for the rest, well, I have a dream, that one day, Cynamon and Sokolowski will tell "Pinner" that he must hire the entire coaching staff of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues. Then we'll see.

I am a diehard Argo fan, as I bleed double blue. I come on here to objectively talk about football, since in my everyday life, it's more about being the fan around those I'm with. I don't get to have conversations about football, because a lot of my relatives are so anti-Argo, their judgment on anything gets clouded.

I was shocked as ever that Soward caught that pass and held on. Last year, he made a huge mistake and this year, he was completely different after catching it. I think (and hope) he's learned his lesson.....I just wanted to poke fun at this before anyone else did.

This is going to be a long post, but dammit, it's slow around here, and you Ticat fans seem to like us airing our dirty laundry anyways... so here goes....

I don't mind a little fun at the Argo's expense, TOFAN, if it wasn't for your other posts I wouldn't have said anything about the popcorn thing.

But looking at your posts, it just seems you bend over backwards to be agreeable to Ticat fans.

"Ticats will win on LDC" (and guaranteeing that by banning yourself for a month?)

"No one from the East deserves to be in the Grey Cup" (Only BC had a better record in the CFL than the Argos and the Als... no-one else)

"Toronto had no business winning that game against Winnipeg" (Excuse me? They led through a fair part of the game, and made many key plays when needed to EARN that victory)

I'd have no problem with any of these comments from a Ticat fan, but it's because that I KNOW you're an Argo fan, they bother the heck out of me.

I just wish you didn't feel the need to understate the Argos abilities, post your bad feelings going into games all the time (not on this site I know), and generally be more apologetic for liking the argos rather than celebrating the fact.

Now that you mention that you're surrounded by anti-Argos, I understand a little more your nature. But let the other guys knock the Argos, you don't have to! You can be the one that says "Yeah, but look at this...." and point to something positive, rather than focusing on the negative, leave that to the other team's fans.

Some of my best friends are Ticat fans, and that's because I know they like me for who I am, NOT because of the team I like. The fact that they HATE the Argos, like many Ticat fans do, but have gotten past that enough to chum around with me is great and a testament to their character. I'm not ignorant about the Argos to my friends and do show some respect (I didn't get up and cheer the last couple of TD's on LD, but I still clapped) but they still know that I'm a big Toronto fan, and a big CFL fan.

All is I'm asking that you be more positive and optimistic about the Argos, even on It's one thing to be objective, it's quite another to denigrate the team, expect poor showings and imply that their wins were lucky.

Just to show I'm not at all antagonistic towards you, (I'm only 'reprimanding' what I feel is a misguided fan), let me close by extending a warm welcome for you to come to Oakville to watch the games on Sunday, as well as to any Ticat fans that might be still reading this... We're meeting shortly before 1 in the bar at "Somewhere in Texas" at Dorval and North Service Road. It's in the plaza on the southwest corner of that intersection, just north (left) off the QEW, formerly the "Oarhouse". We'll be watching both games if you're up for it. Yes there will be some Ticat fans there too, some may be cheering for the Argos, but probably most won't be, and that's cool. :thup:

PS: About your self-imposed banning... I gained a lot of respect for you when you followed through with that. You are now in the 1 percentile of posters who threaten to leave a site either short term or long term, and who actually follow through with it. Kudos to your integrity.... THAT's when I knew you were an Argo fan... :twisted:

While I appreciate and respect your opinion and thank you for your invitiation, I still will offer a rebuttal. I'm just going to defend and remind of my past.

Two years ago, when the Argos won the Grey Cup, throughout the entire season, I was 100% confident in their abilities, and knew that they had what it took to win it all. During that year, we under-achieved in a few games (that game in Winnipeg comes to mind), and believed that if we pulled our shite together, we were capable of great things. It turned out we were, and th Argos won. Last year, my confidence was high again, and I still believe to this day that we were better than Montreal last season, HOWEVER, not on that given day, and in football, you need to be the better team on gameday as championships are not won during the regular season.

This year my confidence hasn't been as high, but where I'm going with this is that if I believe that the team is talented and capable of doing great things, I have shown this to be the case in the past. I believed in the Argos those two seasons (and even late 2003), however, this year, after having watched them play every game, I just don't feel the same way. I won't get into why exactly, but that's just been my feeling.

I also try not to say that my team is going to win every game, because they won't. If I come here on this site and say week after week: "The Argos are gonna kick butt again!", or "That team sucks, we're gonna win".....stuff like that (and I realize I just said things in a way like a friggin' 9 year old), then a) you're not going to get decent enough feedback and b) you're only fooling yourself. This forum is awesome and gets a ton of instant responses, and I hope to have intelligent conversations with people. Plus, it's always been my thing in life to look at and respect your opponents, but never to the point where it affects your own personal game. I feel you need to take seriously the capabilities and poential of your opponent, and then do your best and shine as best possible. Overconfidence and cockiness is a way for bad karma to make its way into the picture.

I'm rambling here and I need to get going to work soon, but I just wanted to offer my rebuttal. I have been a diehard Argo fan ever since the Eskimos beat the Argos on a last second field goal. I've watched us through the good times (1991, was there in 1996, 1997, 2004) and there for the bad (in the 19990's and early 2000's we were awful).

Have a good one, and wear your double blue this weekend.


You're a good man TOFAN.:thup:

I'm not asking you to be all rah rah, just show as much respect to the Argos as you do the Ticats. Don't say stuff like they don't deserve to win a game just because they had to score two fourth quarter TD's to pull it off, or don't deserve to be in the Grey Cup, back when it's only early October. (they had the best defense then, and now, as far as points against)

We'll miss you on Sunday, hope to meet you next year. And I'll be wearing my colours this week, as well as next week in Winnipeg, regardless of who wins on Sunday. :rockin:

The Argos will need alot of desire ,the kind that Shultz of Riders had against the Stamps.He showed alot of heart ,or OK the whole team did and I recognised him ,so he gets credit,he did strip Henry Burris of the ball on the "fumble" as I saw it and being that I didn't see it any better than you all did ,we just know he stripped the ball from little niave Henry .Niave ,because you don't roller skate in a Buffalo herd Henry,no rollerskating,OK he stood up on a QB sneak,I was amazed by the O line surge,wow ,wish we had that kind of young O line surge on Ti-Cats,then Sask has the ball and there is Shultz with the ball and Burris is appealing to a higher court for the ball back,he stole it ,I've been robbed.
Shultz showed alot of heart.
Thats what Argos need to win next week ,no kidding eh?

I'm impressed with the maturing of Pinball ,great call risking putting in Michael Bishop,or was it his only choice,Damon was way off on his pass to the sidelines ,over throwing the reciever big time,so what else can you do,send him back in I guess,so as has been stated elsewhere kudos to Pinball and Rita for having the smarts to take that gamble.

Argos should be able to knock Montreal off ,they've been suspect all year and are ripe for the picking .....if Argos have heart .....
Hope not...

Damon Allen is now on a short leash ,about time,Hall of fame QB and all due respect but Damon is showing signs of being like the rest of us humans,getting a bit old and the arm isn't what it used to be.
So when does Pinball pull the trigger on his QB?Now thats his new pressure ,how do I top off last weeks move?
Will Michael respond well?When do I change QB's...?
If I play Michael ,I can run the ball to take pressure off him,he can run and passes well on a rollout,so after the second quarter when the pressure of playing in Montreal is less than the first quarter Bishop can come in .