To beat Calgary next Sunday we'll have to be perfect!

yes.. this game, we managed to play a solid Defensive game with two of our starters out!

but Our Offense seemed to sleep for 30 minutes.

It's like we played Rope-a-dope and Durant decided to turn on a switch and play.

It won't be possible vs Calgary this time and we'll need to come out and play a very solid game on both Offense and Defense!

but I do believe we can do it.

The title of the thread is a crock. We just need to score more points than the other team. There is no such thing as perfect and Calgary is far from perfect, even if we might be even farther from it. Chances are we have to play better than we did today if we are to move on to the Grey Cup, but perfect? You give the horses way too much credit.

well, no. but if we aim for as close as we can to Perfect...

Calgary isn't necessarily unbeatable, they've shown that they easily can be beat.. but we need to come out and dominate.

A couple of bogus PI calls along with a couple of fluky hail Mary's outta do it.

Saskatchewan's quick strike offense is what is needed to beat that blitz happy Calgary defense. If Durant is even 25 percent more accurate on the deep balls than he was today, I think we win next weekend. The Riders have played well in Calgary in recent years, and I dont think it should be any different this time around either.

Clearly Calgary fans did not want to play Sask in the WF or they wouldn't have all been cheering against the Riders. Evidently scared of the Riders, I see. Now resorting to minimizing the effort of the opponent. Hope your team is as blassé as its fans :slight_smile:

...I hope it isn't any different than recent years as my count the riders are 1-3-1 at McMahon in 'recent' years (back to 2008)...2007 you guys showed some pluck, but why let recent fact get in the way of clouded memories...

...unless you meant against Montreal here in Calgary, but we all kinda know how that one worked out...

Couple more interesting stats... Stamps at home are 7-2. Riders on the road are 3-6.

Saskatchewan does not have to be perfect, since that impossible.
However Durant needs to have a far better start. BC had a tendancy to keep teams in games and lacked the killer instinct.
Calgary has the potential to explode on you and put you away very fast.

Only BC has beat them (twice) at home this year. Here is hoping that stat holds...

well, the Riders are capable of doing the job, but it depends on how Durant and the Offense reacts and plays.

...Actually, I made a mistake in my research, sask is going back to 2008 2-2-1 at McMahon...the two wins were narrow one pointers each, the two losses were absolute shellackings by the stamps...I still feel pretty confident against the green...

Don't forget Burriss. He is very capable of stinker games. When he is cold, he is awful. Look forward to him throwing 3 interceptions and a few fumbles.

Actually, Stamps don't worry about the Riders, start your plans for Montreal :twisted:

No its more of a hate for the riders, and some of their fans, it is shared if you look at the comments from other team's fans if you look at this page

...fixed it for ya, equally as true :twisted:

If you wanna win, don't throw anywhere near Browner.They'll let him get away with anything.In Browner's world he's allowed to do full jersey tugs, rip players down 2 seconds before the ball reaches the player, tackle a player and sit on him when the play starts until the plays over, go 15 yards offside and sack the QB, etc.Oh and the best part is when they praise him for it.

You must really have a tough time being a Lions fan in Regina. If I didn't know better, I'd say youd be as happy with the Riders losing as BC winning. Am I wrong ???? :lol:

Good post 15championships. I'm sure browner will focus on Fantuz and he'll be dbl teamed again. Last time that let Getzlaf get 200+ yds. We have lots of weapons to throw too. Not a problem.

I bet Calgary is happy the Riders are coming to town from the business perspective.

the problem is. that this game we'll have Dressler in the lineup.. last time we didn't so it wasn't hard to decide who to cover.

Browner now has to choose, Dressler? or Fantuz?