TO/BCL Pathetic!

how is it that the Argos and the Lions aren't blowing away the rest of the league in their season attendance?
here are the season attendance figures by team, metro city size and Season attendance figues are a % of the cities total pop

League attendances(reg season):(2006 Metro pop numbers)
BC - 32.4K (2.1M metro pop) (rich city)
EDM - 36.8K (1.03M metro pop) (rich city)
CGY - 31.2K (1.08M metro pop) (rich city)
SSK - 28K (195K metro pop)(Pop of the prov is ~995K)
WPG - 27.7K (695K metro pop)
HAM - 23.2K (693K metro pop)
TO - 30.9K (5.1M metro pop) (rich city)
MTL - 22.9K(Stadium capacity 20.5K for 1 more year) (3.6M metro pop)

Attendance(season) as a portion of the cities metro population:
6.BC - ~15.5%
3.EDM - ~35.7%
5.CGY - ~28.9%
1.SSK - ~143.6%(more people then are in the city over the course of a season)
3.WPG - ~40%
4.HAM - ~33.5%
8.TO - ~6%
**7.MTL - ~6.6%

This is really sad, and this is just metro pops, this isn't even including the fact basicly every city except WPG and SSK have other decent sized cities within 100KM, Neither WPG nor Regina have a city over 200 KM with over 50K in pop(SSK is over 200KM from Regina same with Brandon from WPG, although it's under/at 50K)

I mean come on, atleast draw 10% of your cities population over the course of the season, for TO that would still mean atleast 510K(51K per game) going by their 2006 metro pop.

come on, your ticket prices aren't even the highest in the league, MTL has the highest ticket prices.

Ticket prices across the leagues are pretty competitive(aside from MTL) WPG might have the second highest. it looks to be between WPG and EDM for highest tickets costs after MTL. although it's basicly all Teams tied after MTL, so ticket costs cannot be an excuse, especially since larger cities(BC, TO) have a larger amount of high income residents who can afford to spend 500, 600$ a year on tickets(per person).


See my post on the last place you put this Barnes7

If you had read previous discussions on this topic, the reasons are obvious. In the larger cities you have so many more options for your entertainment dollar. With a larger population of people who are not born in Canada, Vancouver (for example) has many people whose interests do not automatically fall on Canadian sports. In Saskatchewan, for example, you dont have nearly as many options for entertainment...especially sports entertainment. plz think about what you post before you post it.

And for the record, that 2.1 million for BC includes all the nearby cities. Its not like van has 2.1 million itself.

It’s simple, barnes. There really is such thing as an entertainment dollar. When more entertainment venues arise, people don’t spend more money on entertainment, they simply divide their entertainment budget among more venues.

Toronto has many forms of entertainment, particularly with some of the best cottage country and a major league baseball team in the summer. There’s a lot of ways to split that entertainment dollar, so the Argos face a lot of competition. Add to that the large presence of CFL haters in our population and media, you have a recipe for disasterous attendence. I’m pretty proud of Toronto this year, averaging nearly 31k per game amidst all the NFL and Bills nonsense. Still room for improvement, sure, but an achievement nonetheless.

I’m sure Vancouver has similar issues.

Your right. When Vancouver had a third of the population it does now they still drew about the same amount. In big cities it becomes a production to get to the games. Its no excuse but it is the truth. You dont just drive up to the stadium in 5 minutes park and walk in. You plan who drives where to pay to park, walk to the game in the rain (Van) hope your cars not broken into or is still there when its over. If the Canucks played there (BC PLace) theyd still get 20 000. That 2 million they calculate is way the hell out in the valley and at rush hour, game time its 2 hours to get 25 miles.My point is that big cities are different than small ones, Id never want to live in a big one. Its still no excuse though.

your right it's not an excuse because there are Rider fans who drive over 6 hours to a game, just looking at the amount of fans who come from Saskatoon which is a sizable amount that is a 2.5 hour trip.

For Winnipeg any and All fans who come from Kenora, Brandon, the Interlake, hey even south of the Border(or along the border) those are trips in the 90-120 Minute Range by the time your reach the stadium, it's over a 20 minute drive from south and west parts of the city to the stadium,

Worst bit of that is your paying for gas the whole way to possibly sit out in the rain, snow, wind or just cold temperatures.

how BC has a problem and Edmonton doesn't still doesn't make sense. Driving in Edmonton is not fun and Commonwealth isn't exactly placed at a great local and also didn't look to have the greatest amount of parking, especially for 40K fans, yet they do it consistently.

I have a friend that commutes to work up in Edmonton wont go to games because he is forced to walk from blocks away. The parking around the stadium on game days is not allowed and the parking lot is half full. He is not allowed to park there without being a season ticket holder AND paying for parking and he refuses to go. He has wrote the Eskimos and complained to no response. I have been there years ago we paid someone to park in their driveway. DUMB

There is parking in driveways and on people's lawns around Taylor Field for 4 to 5 dollars all the time... There is also a lot set out for parking (for anybody) not to far from the stadium, which also costs $5, but fills up VERY quickly; and season ticket holder lots ($50 for the year).

We just park and walk about 10 blocks or so to the games. The streets around Taylor Field specifically say: "No Parking During Taylor Field Events". Your friend's situation is not a rare one.

Have you been on Robson Street lately.
As for parking in Kelowna we got a new arena about 9 years ago we still bitch about having to pay for parking .

Entertainment $$? while that is a good reasoning one would expect, how does that explain Edmonton?

Edmonton and Calgary have NHL teams, Baseball teams(07 in the Northern League), Lacrosse teams I beleive.

I for some reason doubt, the Raptors are really that big of a deciding factor.

Now while TO does have more stuff, they have more then 5 times the population of Manitoba, they also should have a larger amount of high income earners in TO/BC then SSK/MB.

Parking as an excuse? fans in Winnipeg park/walk over 2 KM away from the Bomber stadium, now if it's decided to not have any parking close to the stadium and to not have any form of public transportation to the stadium(odd because I though BC and TO had public transport) not my problem.

I can understand bigger cities might have slightly more competition, thus why I'm not touching Calgary they have their stampede, Flames, Vipers, Hitmen. but they also still have a very respectable attendance as a % of their total population.

under 20% over the course of a season isn't respectable. hey if BC had 20% of it's metro it would average over 40K a game.

what does Vancouver have that is so great that it draw away all but 33K CFL fans or 330 over the course of a season.

and it can't be the canucks because they don't play until october, very little over-lap in their seasons.

Im just trying to give some reasons. Im not saying their right or wrong. Im 3.5 hours away from Van and 2 mountain passes away and dont want to drive to Van in winter inj a pick up truck . I am also trying to get someone to drive I will pay for tickets and gas but no takers yet and 1 is a Rider fan.

exactly why, the whole parking issue is does not matter.

if two of the cities with the highest attendance per pop have major parking issues but still go.. what's wrong with BC and TO?

haha, can't wait to see how people have fun with the Olympics. that will be funnnnny.

Barnes where do you live.

no no, good keep the reasonings coming.

and hey if your 3.5 hours away(so I'd think over 100 KM right?) your aren't likely to be part of the 2.1M are you?

at the very least your not part of the what.. 700K people in West, North and.. main vancouver, all of which are within I'm thinking 10 KM of the stadium.

not directed at you bobbyP.

But it's great if people in TO and BC think all us in the prairies who attend CFL games have nothing better to do, but the fact is there are other options.

Really it doesn't matter if Vancouver has twice the options then Winnipeg, because they still have 3 times the pop.

the Bombers can draw over 27K fans to watch Hamilton get the beat up on the same night as a Concert at the MTS center(Korn), the NHL's kickoff(although early england game), the regular clubs(smaller concerts and such). I'm trying to think what big events prevent(regularly) 35K, I beleive they each only passed that mark once(and it wasn't even on the labour day weekend/rematch)

BC and TO had their highest attendances on Saturdays AFTER the NHL(and NBA and NFL) seasons started up.. go figure, almost seems to spit in the face of the whole entertainment options/dollar factor.
BC's best game(attendance) wasn't a meaningful game nor their home finale.

Toronto's attendance didn't seem to jump after the Blue Jays got eliminated from the wild card hunt, nor after the Blue Jays season ended.

one would say they were bandwagonners but considering the Argos and Lions are each the most successful pro sports teams in their area(correct?) their season ticket bases would be rather large.(BC has a decent sized group, but not so much the Argos)

TO, Leafs consistently sell-out, Argos Best game is a game kicked off 3 hours prior to a Leaf game puck drop.(meaning the games overlapped)

good old Bomberville, which is why I can remember winnipeg Examples for competition for fans.

There is way more to spending entertainment dollars than sports. Comparing Edmonton's total entertainment scene to that of Vancouver's is ludicrous. After you get past the Eskimos and Oilers and that mall you have a pretty sharp drop off regarding things to do that people can name. Comparing the 2 is silly.

Having more high income earners doesnt mean jack. Even rich people work on a 24 hour clock and have to make decisions more on their entertainment time than dollars. Besides, what percentage of people at a CFL game in any city are the high income people? I bet its a pretty small amount.

"what does Vancouver have that is so great that it draw away all but 33K CFL fans or 330 over the course of a season." you ask....

have you ever been to Vancouver? Have you ever read, year after year, that Vancouver ranks one of the best cities in the world to live in and visit. Why do you think that is? Its definitely not because there is only a couple more things to do here than Edmonton. Here is what they have ocean, mountains within a very short drive, forests....real forests, not those 20 foot tall tree forests that ive seen in a number of places in Canada, a world class city with a boatload of things to see and do. It seems to me that you have no idea what Vancouver is all about and that is a shame for you.

I think your whole commentary on this topic is badly flawed. I think 32000+ average attendance for Vancouver is pretty good.

"the Bombers can draw over 27K fans to watch Hamilton get the beat up on the same night as a Concert at the MTS center(Korn), the NHL's kickoff(although early england game), the regular clubs(smaller concerts and such). I'm trying to think what big events prevent(regularly) 35K, I beleive they each only passed that mark once(and it wasn't even on the labour day weekend/rematch) "

Barnes7 have you ever been to Vancouver? You cant possibly compare Van and Winnipeg in the things to do department with a straight face. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on some of the bigger cities in this country and see what they offer. Your posts on this topic seem to be mired in ignorance.

And for the record, entertainment dollars go to more than sports.

Lets see in Saskatchewan you can:

  1. Watch your dog run away for three days?

  2. Hunt Gophers?

  3. Listen to your neighbours phone call conversation on the rural party line?

  4. or go to the Riders games?

Gee, I wonder why they get a few people out to games. Did you know Saskatchewan also has the historically highest voter turnout for elections and the experts attribute it to a lack of anything else to do and it being an outing off the farm.

This is the funniest thing I have heard. In province that claims to have the highest number of complain about having the pay for parking...amazing...the few games i have been to in BC we took the "L-train" or whatever it was called, from Surrey, the next year when I go, my brother told me we could take it from Poco. Having said that, the train is a quick and easy way to get down to the game, I mean the station is what 1 block away.

And the train is a great party atomsphere after...