To Bad

Ok Guys/Gals. Unfortunatly I will not be around to rub in the fact EE will be curling after next sunday. But if the unthinkable does happen and EE win, I promise to come back for my justified beating. If Calgary wins, feel free to tune in for all the comments I am sure to have saved up.
Stamp 78

you'll have to dig pretty deep to outdo your performance here after the last game, but I know you have it in ya!

Ok all, give it your best shot............ I deserve it.
Great battle of Alberta this year..
Stamp 78

esks won hahaha

b.c. is like the crygary team, big mouths no heart...

Yes, Edmonton is the model for all that is good in this world........................
I think I just got a little sick in my mouth
Stamp 78

you are a very smart person, you have seen the light...


Darn those Eskimos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!