to anyone who watched edmonton vs calgary last night

in the first half, our offence played like the minnesota wild no flow no creativity at all

now do yuo guys think it was macocias play calling or Ricky's decision making...

see my idea was it was macocias stupidity on offensive thinking, he has no idea how to run a offence and i think Ricky needs to take the rains more and push the envelope like he did in the second half, i think he listens to much to what mac calls, in the first game and the second half of last game he looked like the Ricky Ray who in my super biased oppinion is the best QB in the league.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: One thing for sure you

are very funny! Your in KK's class now and kk has the marks you wished for!

Yeah that's what Ricky has to do. Stop listening to his coaches. I like this guy.

what''s that supposed to mean? my team was the one to choke on a winning TD. :lol:

They must be related ...Same grammar, same spelling.... Kanga, did you get some girl pregnant in Edmonton 18-19 years ago?

18 or 19 years ago, I was 2 or 3 years old!!! :lol:

They were just being patient. I think Maciocia's play calling could have been better, but they were sticking with what they were doing I guess.

no sportsmen i know who my mom and dad are,

how mnay diffrent grandson's and with diffrent papas do you have?

I know who my mother is, I don’t know who my dad is, that’s a bad sign! :lol:

Sporty they were both cloned ha ha ha!

I had to ask....When you see same spelling, same this, same that..... one has to ask questions.

But they are a little sensitive...wouldn't you say?

or we could be the same person? or different people in the same body (like Me, Myslef, and Irene)? :lol:

…I vote for the shame person…

I would have to agree.