To Andy Fantuz, the Fantuz Family and the Fan-atics

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!
Welcome Andy to the Ticats and playing close to home.
Welcome to the entire Fantuz family and his legions of fans!
For those who don't know, the Fantuz Fam and Friends do tailgating up right when they come to Lot J. So having them as regular neighbours at all the home games is a welcome addition to the already awesome tailgating community!
So on behalf to the Lot J Tailgaters to the Fantuz's and Co: Welcome to an exciting season of Ticat football and what could be a very fun season of tailgating! See you in June! :rockin:


I'll second that thought! It must be great for Andy's family and Western Ontario friends to know

that Andy will ply his trade right here in their own backyard. :thup:

Can't wait for all the Fantuz fans to join the party in Lot J with us. They are always so much fun when they've been here in the past. They will definitely look much better in the black and gold!