TO and The Peg

Well we'll see what Argo team shows up today. Lefevor has to play smart and not toss picks to that ball hawking D. Still struggling with the fact that Kilgore is our second stringer followed by Drew 'I've Done Squat' Willy. Not sure what Milo sees in him other then it reminds him of himself as a qb, not very good.
More Durie and Coombs as they are being wasted. D must play smart and get to Nichol's who's really not that great either.
Argos have the chance to crawl back into the mix in the mediocre east. That usually means they won't. Winnipeg is due for a loss, hope it's today. Really how can anyone predict anything in the east this year?

Oh and Go Stamps Go!!!

Argos should have a new coach by next year as right now they have a TOOL!!! Pulls the flag out of his A$$ at the wrong time every time. Soiling the field against Nichols yet again. Trade for a bum in Willy. Walks around like a clueless fool game in and game out. He’s a .500 coach at best.

Hamilton as bad as they’ve been should come out of the east and lose to Calgary in the Grey Cup.

Yes, you are 100% correct!
He's a useless piece of skin!

You don't want Mike "Maggot" Kelly as his personality is worse than Donny Trump.
Don't want Dave Ritchie cuz he's 83 yrs old
Don't want Jeff Reinbold (see Maggot Kelly)
Don't want Champ Chamblin cuz he's rider rot
Don't want Kavis Reed cuz What Say U
Don't want Noelle Thorpe cuz he's not ready
Don't want Steinaur (see N. Thorpe)
Don't want Sgt. Slaughter (cuz his real name is Greg Marshall and he doesn't win)
Don't want White Zombie (Jim Daley) period.

Possibles - Mike O'Shea (if he doesn't get the big-time raise and 3 yr deal in Wpg.), Tom Higgins (cuz Tom is always available), 68 yr old Doug Berry is always available.
Maybe the Toronto braintrust will take a leap of faith and hand the keys to Ricky Ray???

Another week. Another loss.
Defence sucks.

Maybe Barker will find yet another rookie to start next week in the secondary for us. I said it on another board this spring, you can't keep having the turnover in players that the Argos have. You're not going to fluke out Grey Cup Championships like we did in 2012 every year. Milanovich is a .500 coach at best. He's very lucky that the whole east sucks this year. I actually will find myself cheering for the Riders today. That means Edmonton should win big and be ahead of us for a crossover.