To ALL you arm chair QB/Coaches

Whats with you fans in the stands talking about HOWMUCH better you would run the offence! The fact is ur NOT The QB or coach or will u ever be? NO! If I wanted to hear obvouis plays they SHOULD be doing. Id turn to the NFL and listen to Captian obvouis Mr madden " now on this play there going to run the ball or pass the ball"...thanks john its 2nd and 8.
I guess its more or less burning me becuse at the Argo's game there were a few fella's Behind me poking fun of SOMANY cats fans! Like When we were loosing They kept making fun of 2 other cats fans that constantly chanted the forbidden chant and "nobody ***** like the argo's!" WHO CARES IF THEY ARE LOOSING! its ALWAYS good to be a diehard fan! to the BITTTER end!:slight_smile: they were cats fans them selfs just know it all's
Okay thats all! im sorry if some things are spelt BAD! Im bad with spelling and grammer! but i bleed black n gold! :stuck_out_tongue:

I coulda posted that much better

signed ARMCHAIR OP :twisted:

be my guest

Hang On need to go after Madden in your need at all would have howled on Monday...

There were some Argo fans sitting a few rows behind us and in the fourth quarter they started the chant....Arrrrrrrrrrrgooooooos to which my daughter stood up and replied....."suck !" A true fan like her dad!