To All Ticat Fans

Please don't cheer when your offense is on the field... I'm a Rider fan and was cheering hard for you tonight, but when the camera panned up and showed the crowd cheering like they were and then Williams had to wave his arms to try to calm the crowd down, it seemed like the fans thought he was egging them on and they cheered even louder. Was it like that at the game, or was TSN messing with the volume??

I understand the jubilation, but in a tight game, that can be costly. Guess it doesn't matter now - congrats on a BIG victory tonight.

I agree completely.

I think though that you don't understand the situation, you didn't sit through last weeks game. We know, by and large except for a few rookie fans, not to cheer when the offence is on the field. But when you haven't seen anything to cheer for in a good 2 months, and you sit through one of the worst home games ever ala last week, you just can't control it. Good on Williams for calming the crowd, they were pretty good after that. :slight_smile:

Well, I shouldn't say you don't "understand" the situation, thats a bit assuming, my bad. What I meant is that you didn't sit through last game, it was horrible, nothing to cheer for all game whatsoever. I don't blame the fans for losing control this once is all I meant.

Don't worry about it - like I said, I'm a Rider fan. I've sat through my share of stinkers (last week's game in Calgary included). :slight_smile:

I wasn't at the game, being based in Montreal. I was wondering if there was any message on the Tigervision asking the fans to quieten down during offensive plays?

The Als, among other teams, do this during home games at Molson Stadium. For the more casual fan, it is a good reminder to strategically STFU. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I thought Williams handled the noise challenge great -- especially for a young QB. Another feather in his cap!

Oski Wee Wee,

That one thing that most fans in Hamilton don't understand. Cheer between plays when the offence is on the field. When they break the huddle you should be able to hear a pin drop. Could you imagine if we got a procedure penalty when Williams asked the crowd for quite? It could have changed the game.
Now when the defence is on the field you shouldn't be able to hear yourself think. Yet I see people sitting on their hands at every game. That's what homefield advantage is all about. Teams should fear coming to Hamilton. They did at one time I'm not so sure they do now.

I was obnoxiously yelled at last season for mentioning to one fan in the end zone that we should quiet down on offense until the ball was snapped… he went on to spittingly tell me how I was stupid and the offense likes it loud… what an idiot.

There are plenty of daft game-goers.

I've said it before and I'll say it again


It doesn't seem to matter though, the message never gets through. I like the idea of putting it up on the scoreboard to tell fans to keep quiet. Our QB shouldn't have to start waving his arms for the fans to be quiet.

Also when Calgary was trying to run their no huddle offence at the end, that's when the fans should stand up and CHEER LIKE CRAZY FOR THE DEFENCE!!!!!