To all ticat fans!! my insight on this year

now that the draft is completed i see some light at the end of the tunnel with this team. We had a rough time last year and we needed to make some changes.

We brought in Bob O'billovich and from there he had to make some changes. We brought in a offensive coordinator and a defensive coordinator to help out Charlie Taaffe.

I like what i see on paper. From the top to the bottom. For the offence we brought back Tony Miles who had a really good year with us one time and i think he will do well with us this year. We also have Jo Jo Walker and Jason French and Jason Armstead. I think Chris Bauman will step it up and Frank Murphy wont be too bad. The addition of Samuel Giguere is quite positive also. Our running backs are stacked and i think we will probably have Caulley and Lumsden on a lot of times together. I like the idea of having J.P bekasiak on the offensive line with Hudson, Hage, and Cedric Gagne Marcoux.

On defence, I can see Ray Mariuz, Zeke Moreno and the new addition Markeith Knowlton as our starting linebackers. I like our secondary also with Jykine Bradley getting a starting role with Lawrence Gordon. We also have some promising players in teh secondary with Dennis Mitchell, Chris Thompson, Dylan Barker, Jermaine Mays, Nick Kordic, and Ryan Glasper. I think either Dylan Barker or Matt Griebel will be our starting safety. As for our front line, Loescher is locked in and charlton keith. Im not sure about the other players. Kori Dickerson could be interesting to see up front. I will wait and see on that.

Overall, i think were looking pretty good. I still think there will be some trades coming up though and we will be adding something in the defensive front four.

And some guy named Printers...LMAO :wink:

It's a young team but with good coaching and a little luck, it will make big strides this year!

Ought to be a good camp!

Oski Wee Wee,


Oh, you mean the ticket sales guy 8)

Who is the Printers Guy the New Waterboy :lol:

Just Kidding I am Hopfull Case get Back to his MVP Form

I think you are right, the Cats will go as far as Casey will take them. I guess this is the time that we will find out if the rumours of Casy being damaged goods are true or not.

Casey, Jesse and the rest of the O better be good because I don't think that the Cats have addressed the problems that they had on the defensive side of the ball.

I agree. This team looks a whole lot better to me today than it did a couple of days ago. I am sure Obie is not done yet and I wouldn't mind seeing a couple more import WR's brought in. At last I am starting to have a good feeling about this team. Good job Cats! :thup:

lol.........I got a recorded message from Printers on my voicemail......I saved it so the kids could hear it........he sounded pretty up-beat.

That was a good marketing move..........unique anyhow.

Go Cats!