To All Those Who Are Not Renewing

You are absolutely right...EXCEPT

The cats are trying to win. When Printers was signed everyone was jumping up and down and proclaiming that this was the greatest coup in recent memory Casey has'nt exactly lit it up..but the fact that they outbid a couple of teams to get the most coveted free agent tells me that they mean business.

OK... so the team isn't very good. Stop looking for scapegoats!!! You guys ran Calvillo out of town. A few other good players too. Seems to me that the Cats arent a whole lot more sucessful with Printers than they were with Maas or Chang or late years Danny Mac. Football is a team sport and you win or lose as a team...If the O does its job, it gives the D more rest and better feild position. If the D does it's job it gives the O more time with the ball and a shorter field to work with. The QB and the receivers do their job, then they make the running game work better. The O line does it's job and it makes life easier for both the running and passing game. The LB's and DL's put on a good pash rush and I promise you that the DBs will be better.

There is a good core QB, RB, LB and gotta rebuild a 2-16 team for sure but you do it a piece at a time, always looking forward rather than backward.

Tell you what though...I speak to every Cat fan who is thinking of not renewing. Make your statement and stay home..let the Cat management know how you feel. maybe thousands will join you but in a year or three when the only football that you will be able to watch is at McMasters or up the 403 you will only have yourselves to blame. One of the most storied franchises in canadian sports will have gone the way of the Ottawa Renegades/Riders or the Montreal Concordes.

It's interesting how the wisest words on this site come from non-TiCats fans.

easier to be objective I guess.


Its easy to say that when its not your money being wasted night in and night out

If they feel this way about the Cats I'm pretty sure the feel that way about their won teams.

It is easier to say because most fans haven't experienced what we have. But I would say that Sask has and there fans have stuck through it.

and my oh my has it ever felt sweet being in the playoffs recent years.

I grew up with garbage Rider teams but at the time we were also getting screwed by big spending owners in other cities. Hamilton doesn't face that so odds of a quick turnaround are better.

If Printers gets on track and Lumsden stays healthy, I see no reason why the Cats couldn't compete for a playoff spot next year. There were alot of close losses this year and realistically 7 or 8 wins gives you a shot at the playoffs.

The story will be told based on how the ticats do in the Draft. Key positions are well covered but if you don't have enough Canadian talent in this league you will burn. Edmonton is in the same boat.

You don't draft a receiver and leave a Mike Gyetvai on the table. This guy is also a leader and will be a cornerstone of Calgary's Oline for a decade. (his brother Dan played for the Bombers). They better start drafting better and with an outlook at building instead of quick fixes. Had they drafted Gyetvail they would have a NI left tackle coming in to camp next year. Hell they could have played Morreal e one more year, no problem.

Now, next year's draft is the deepest ever at Offensive linesman position. Let's hope the Ticats seize the opportunity

It's almost time for somebody to pipe in and suggest/demand the Ticats draft a Canadian QB, e.g. Archibald from Mac U.

You do know Gyetvai has a serious shoulder injury that he had surgery on this summer and hasn’t played this year right and has just been activated onto the roster as a back up left guard?

Hmm I wonder way they stayed away from him.